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Gala Dinner Benefit for Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp

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From Gail Page:

We would love to have you attend our Gala Dinner, a fundraiser for Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp to support our Community Campout with the Homeless. We would also appreciate it if you would help spread the word and invite your circle of friends and contacts. This is going to be a fun and inspiring event.

The event is on March 30th.
Enjoy a candlelit dinner catered by India Joze with exquisite dinner music by Wireless Lovebird.

It will begin with guided tours of a 2.5 acre jungle garden created by former Arboretum docent, Gail Page.

There will be a donation bar and music in the garden.

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SFO #D23 Illuminate the Fed

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On December 23 America’s private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve turns 100 years old and We the People have a simple message: Reform or Retire.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution did the Founders bestow authority to print money on a handful of private banks operating in secrecy from Congress and the people. The right to coin money belongs to the U.S. Treasury alone. For a century the Fed – a network of 12 banks that are 100% privately owned – have controlled our money supply by creating and loaning dollars as DEBT which the public has to pay back with interest.

Americans are Fed Up with the Fed which is why on its Centennial we will be illuminating it: shining light on an institution that exercises power in complete darkness. Join the festival of lights in San Francisco on #D23 and ILLUMINATE THE FED as coalitions of citizens stage actions at all 12 Federal Reserve Banks nationwide. Bring flashlight!

Anthony Messer — Homeless Services Center Memorial

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On Thursday 19Dec2013, the Santa Cruz Homeless Service Center had a Memorial Service for the 48 homeless people who died this year. The HSC memorial featured a banner of flags, one flag for each person. Above is Anthony Messer’s flag.

On Day 8 of the Santa Cruz ReOccupy, Friday 24Feb2012 at 2AM, deputies rousted him by throwing water on him. They soaked him and his sleeping bag. He said he had not shivered so much that night than his deep snow training in Wisconsin for the US Army Cavelry. He talks about that in the video above.

Anthony Messer actively organized events with Occupy Santa Cruz, and he contributed several articles to the OSC website. In March of 2012, he participated in Tent University at UC Santa Cruz, as well as the associated campus shut down. He also participated in many of the larger Bay Area and Northern California events that occurred during the Occupy movement, which included marching with supporters of the S.F. Commune during the occupation of 888 Turk Street in San Francisco.

RIP Anthony

Anthony Messer 1985-2013
by Alex Darocy

ReOccupy Day 8 Deputies Throw Water
by Occupy Santa Cruz

Occupy The Farm Official Trailer

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Director Todd Darling will show clips from the film and will discuss the production at an event in Aptos on Wednesday 21 August 2013.

For more information visit:

They cut the padlock off the gate, and marched onto the last pristine farmland in the urban East Bay. They raised a banner that read, Occupy the Farm, and told the press, “farmland is for farming.”

Then they planted 15,000 seedlings to save this publicly owned land from becoming a shopping mall, condos and a baseball diamonds.

Occupy the Farm surprised officials. Inspired and angered the neighbors. Created a media sensation. Drew in the riot police. And changed the fate of the land.

Uncle Sam Intervention, Downtown Santa Cruz

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Occupy activists performed this skit as part of the Rally for Rights and Candlelight Vigil on Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Santa Cruz Clean Team Scandal Video

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Clean Team Member prods camper with trash grabber
Santa Cruz Clean Team member prods camper with trash grabber

Full size picture — Click Here

Clean Team Harassing Homeless
by Robert Norse

Interview with Clean Team founder TJ Magallanes
by Jeremy Leonard

Celebrate Occupy Santa Cruz 1 Year! Later

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2 Nights of Celebration

Occupy Santa Cruz returns one year later to its birthplace, Laurel Park, where its first General Assembly was held on 4Oct2011 to have a celebration and General Assembly.

Thursday October 4:

Occupy Themed Open Mic at SubRosa Community Space, 703 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA

7:30PM Sign-up
8:00PM Start

Friday October 5:

CELEBRATION at Laurel Park, behind Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA

5PM Celebration & Potluck
6PM General Assembly
8PM Guerrilla Drive-In & OSC host:

What Are You Doing Here? Inside Occupy Santa Cruz, a film by Brent Adams.

Happy Birthday Occupy Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Occupied/Echoes of the Great Depression

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A partial chronology of the Occupy Santa Cruz Movement from the first General Assembly to the curfew, and time of tent removal, at the county court house.

Several Occupy Santa Cruz members speak to the county Board of Supervisors regarding their right to peaceably assemble and protest. The problem of homelessness as well as bank fraud is an integral theme of this documentary. Parallels to the greater issue of the Great Depression are unfolded. The ending reveals the Occupy Movement continues today in the fight against foreclosures.

Inside Occupy Santa Cruz — Segment 9

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Sheriff Department’s Lt. Craig Wilson meets with the Occupy activists.

Documentary filmmaker Brent Adams chronicles the successful rise and subsequent demise of the camp at Occupy Santa Cruz.

Public dialog welcome – Here

To help Brent finish his project, donate at

Inside Occupy Santa Cruz — Segment 7

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“Our purpose is to reach out, NOT to the politicians, NOT to the system, NOT to the legislature. IS to reach out to the PEOPLE of this country. So please, JOIN US.”

Documentary filmmaker Brent Adams chronicles the successful rise and subsequent demise of the camp at Occupy Santa Cruz.

Public dialog welcome –> Here

To help Brent finish his project, donate at