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General Assembly Notes – January 1 2012

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Inspirational Minute:

One year ago Oakland marched for Oscar Grant after he was killed by BART cops. We will have a moment of silence for him today.


OWS took back Zuccotti Park for part of the night New Years. A family brought a tent in and set it up inside the park. The cops wouldn’t allow anyone inside the park until the tent was taken down. As soon as the cops took the tent, over a thousand people entered the park at 9pm, took down the barricades, stacked them in the middle of the park, and planted a sign through them. Tim Cast on Ustream has footage.

Occupy and Huff were in this year’s DIY parade. Marchers dressed in all white to form a “white block” and carried a tent painted with information about the deaths of the homeless as a memorial. Occupy’s street theater group also performed a skit “The Bankster Who Stole Christmas” The parade was on the news and

Working groups:

Meditation: A large event is going to be planned for April. There will be a meeting after the GA this Wednesday at India Joze.

Foreclosure: meeting at 4 on Wednesday, either at the first house to be occupied or at India Joze.

A working group is being formed to plan for the DC trip as well as one to work with students from a UCSC class.


Parking: The parking restriction is now up because it’s past the 1st of the year.

UCSC class: There is a class next quarter at UCSC where students will work with different groups in the community and are being encouraged to work with occupy. They will have about 35 hours a quarter to donate.

Occubay TV: there are at least 3 episodes filmed that are about 5 minutes each. They report on the different occupations around the bay area. We should try to get Santa Cruz included.

Don Lane interview: Robert will be interviewing Don Lane Sunday on (101.1 FM 9:30AM – 1PM) If you have any questions that you would like to be asked email


Huff is meeting this Wednesday at 10:30

The UCSC Grad students with San Jose BMW Motorcycle are planning a skill share workshop. More information will be given as it is available.

There will be a brainstorming meeting for the future of OSC at the new location for the Resource Center for Non-Violence at 11AM Saturday.

What is Occupy Santa Cruz?

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We gather together as Occupy Santa Cruz in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement. We are individuals committed to promoting justice. We have no leaders. We recognize the right of ALL voices to be heard: our diversity is a source of strength. We present a united front in our non-violent approach to addressing the problems we face and generating solutions beneficial to all. Please join us in creating a better world.

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GA Suspended and Turkish Solidarity WG Meeting

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Turkish Solidarity Working Group Meeting: Tuesday, July 2nd 7pm at the
clock tower.

Also there will be no GA on July 6th. June 29th’s GA consensed on
suspending GA for July 6th and instead going to the action at 7:30pm.

(I am hoping this can be placed somewhere besides the comments as it
is hard to see there and contains info about the GA.)

General Assembly Notes for Sun 15Jul2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Leslie -GX]]


1. “Free Sale”

Discussion, proposal

Donate usable items such as blankets or clothing to give away as an Occupy action. Collect your own stuff, bring it to GA, and give it away on the Post Office steps.

Consensus on the concept, follow-up will be coordinated at next few GAs, no date set yet, but to be happening within the next few weeks.

2. Banner statement

Continuation of 7/8 discussion, draft statement to be written on back of the OCCUPY SANTA CRUZ banner presented and discussed.


Occupy Santa Cruz is not a brand. It is not owned by a corporation, a person, or any particular grouping of people. It is a direct action tactic and a location. This banner or any evocation of the name, Occupy Santa Cruz, seeks to connect the bearers of the banner to a social movement in the interest of 99% of the people of this country and the world and that is happening in this place. The bearers of the banner will use their own judgement as to what that means for them and act accordingly.

Discussion brought up idea of use of words “collective” (not part of statement) and “tactic” (included), also concern over uses “not authorized by the GA,” preservation the idea of autonomous use of OCCCUPY SANTA CRUZ as a concept, and that anyone could theoretically create a banner with those words on it and use it however they wished.

Statement was accepted by consensus without amendment.

3. Occupy Generator proposal and discussion

Proposal to sell gasoline powered electric generator from occupy camp.

Discussion included feeling that it worked and we might need it in the future, countered by the sense of the holder of the equipment that we have something better now that can be solar powered instead of this, which was inefficient and used gasoline.


Anyone who wishes to help with the process of selling it can contact the keeper of the generator.

General Assembly Notes for Sun 8Jul2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Leslie. -GX]]

Agenda Items

1. Discussion and Proposal

How shall we use the Occupy Santa Cruz banner and who wants to take responsibility for keeping it?


Banner was used autonomously in Pride parade, which brought out some question as to whether it should or should not be used autonomously, without a consensus process at a GA. Expression of support that it should get to as many things as possible that are in the spirit of occupy.

Expression of idea that banner should be well-used, all the time, at every GA, and respect people’s judgement about other events where we wish to represent ourselves.

Observation that a “core group” comes to GAs and that people might email each other to work out banner logistics.

Expression of desire for it NOT to go to Democratic Party rallies.

Expression of feeling that it would not necessarily be an endorsement of the Democratic Party if the banner were at a Democratic Party rally.

Expression of desire for simple guidelines to be attached to the banner itself, as well as to what Occupy Santa Cruz represents in any other form, on a sign, banner, etc.

Bringing the discussion to a close, proposal that any details of who might wish to keep the banner, or any other thoughts about its use be brought to the next GA.

Consensus decision that someone will keep the banner and bring it to next GA.

2. Discussion, no proposal

Shall Occupy create a forum to discuss the criminalization of Occupy?

Interested parties may contact Robert Norse at (831) 423-4833

3. Discussion, gathering information, no proposal

Occu-Cart bicycle cart with electricity, use of which to create tall signs, have movies, etc. Is there a better night than Friday to show movies? Shall we show short films downtown and have discussion in between with onlookers?

Expression of support for Sunday night (2 people). Will be considered for future planned movie nights.

Expression of desire for a person contact with the cart holder a couple of days before any event where it is planned to be used to work out logistics.

4. Discussion, no proposal

Can we discuss politics of dissent at a GA? Or do we need a separate forum?

Expression of desire for a space where folks can gather and hear one another better than current GA locations, which are noisy and have other distractions.

5. Vote to adjourn. consensus

General Assembly Notes for Sun 24Jun2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Leslie. -GX]]


1. proposal to bring signs to county bldg in solidarity with occupiers going to State Capitol

Unanimous support.

Meet at 11:30 AM 6/25

2. proposal to outreach to allies regarding restoration of public use of public space


Oppose closure by administrative fiat public spaces. County courthouse after 7pm, City Hall at night, library grounds at night, city parking lots/structures, levee, beaches. Occupy Santa Cruz urges our allies to act in concert to demand the same.

3. Local human rights events calendar.

4. Budget hearings Discussion

Suggestion to call your supervisor tomorrow 6/25, support reinstatement of human care budget and balance by a reduction in criminal prosecution budget.

recommended reading The Localization Reader, de Young, Raymond & Thomas Princen, eds., MIT Press, 2012.

General Assembly Notes for Wed 13Jun2012

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[[Ed. Note: These notes were submitted by Tom. -GX]]

News / Urgent Announcements

Ryan Coonerty is trying to sell his “Predictive Policing’ software to law enforcement agencies around the nation. Information can be found on OSC’s twitterfeed.

Starting in four or five days, video footage of past OSC events will be available on this website. Other footage is already available at OSC Media.

On July 1st, there will be a benefit for one of the SC11, at India Joze, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Members of the Foreclosure WG were at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Tuesday to urge action on local foreclosures.

Someone from the Food Justice WG was on the radio last night, talking about… food justice.


Whether or not to have a “roving tent mob”, complete with a helium balloon-filled tent, on a string.

“Yes” was the final decision.

Details will be announced.


Restorative Circle meeting tonight, at 7:30.

Occupy Mark’s House Party, July 7th, at Mark’s House.

A Patriotic Flag Burning Event, at Seabright Beach on the 3rd of July. (Did I get that date right?)

A 4th of July party at India Joze house. That’s right … his house.

There will be a discussion panel on Community Television, June 28th, on the issue of the SC11. Those involved will have a chance to participate.

There will be a benefit for Free Radio, this Friday, at the RCNV.

General Assembly Notes for Sun 10Jun2012

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[[Ed. Note: These notes were submitted by Mithrell. -GX]]

Welcome / Intro / Occupy News

Robert Norse has posted recent legal findings in OWS favor. See Facebook and site for more info.

CCA Lobby in City of Los Angeles. 626 Wilshire in Los Angeles has active occupation nightly.

Tuesday, Ventura City Council will pass resolution to dissolve corporate personhood.

Occupy Road Trip showed films at Guerrilla Drive-In Friday at SubRosa; making a documentary.

Urgent Announcements: none

Working Group Reports

Legal: Two lawsuits City of Santa Cruz v. Occupy are over. The case naming Steve Pleitch personally continues. Thursday 4:00 pm appellate hearing for state-wide lodging ban. Pleitch continues his case July 26th. People of State of California v. Steve Pleitch.

SC11 Support: 3pm Mondays at SubRosa. Meets weekly. There will be a benefit for Desiree on 07-01-12, 3-6pm at India Joze.

More Legal: Occupier wrote letter to the Sentinel that wasn’t printed. She added it to the comments online and is getting comments. Board of Supervisors’ budget hearings 6-20-12 in the AM.

Art and Music: Issac has show 6-16-12 San Lorenzo park. “Lyrical I.”

Foreclosure: Board of Supervisors’ Agenda this Tues will present info presented at last two meetings.

Point of Info: Anti-foreclosure march in Sacramento 6-25-12 10am Capitol west steps.

Direct Action: Cuba Caravan Fundraiser: 6-23-12 3-6pm at India Joze. One of our beloved Occupiers is going to Cuba with Cuba Caravan. Also Tent Mob item on today’s agenda. Person giving report won’t be at tomorrow’s meeting, but it is 6pm SubRosa.

More Legal: Legal has legal briefs posted online at

Occupy Santa Barbara – No Nukes Nowhere Never WG: Wants to shut down nuclear power palnt located on fault line and needs allies – contact OSB regarding upcoming action. No date yet.

Occupy Bohemian Grove: 21st and 24th of June. Actions by other Occupations (SF and Portland).

Food Justice: Food Justice WG and Food Justice Coalition of Santa Cruz participated in 6-02-12 “Spring into Summer” event in Live Oak with booth. Signed up 30-50 people for mailing list. Meets weekly 10am-12pm. 10am meet and greet, meeting at 10:30am.

Treasury: Welcomes Mithrell. Please contact Roxy and make arrangements for money. It’s your responsibility to follow up with Treasury if you need money, not the other way around. Treasury will post next meeting to and Facebook, and include in today’s notes. **Next meeting is Thursday 6pm at India Joze**

Proposed Agenda

-Tent mob
-Food Justice Working Group upcoming action
-8pm protests

Agenda Items

Tent Mob on May 25th was great. Want to do it again in June, need a date and want to open to discussion.

-Location Same, different? Different park? Downtown?

-Tents Wear them? Set up in place? Use helium balloons?

Meeting directly after the GA for people interested in this.

Food Justice Working Group 6-23-12 9am to 5pm Faire. Food Justice Coalition of Santa Cruz will have booth at the garden. Need help at booth and will be doing seed ball demos all day. See Roxy or contact FJWG to participate.

Mobile garden idea: Re-configure shopping cart and plant as garden. Bring to GAs and events. Have schedule for taking care of plants, cart.

8pm protests Montreal Direct Action and civil disobedience. Protesting every night at 8pm against austerity measures by banging on pots and pans. Suggestion to ask Ananda who is / was going door to door to ask people to bang pots at 8pm.


7-03-12 “Ye Old Flag-burn” at Seabright Beach at Sunset.

Juneteenth at Louden Nelson. Celebration 6-16-12 Sat.

Transition San Lorenzo Valley has potluck today at Loch Lomond 4-7:30 pm. needs content.

General Assembly Notes for Wed 6Jun2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Dennis E. -GX]]

Inspirational Minute

Ayla cleaned her room.


There will be a national Occupy gathering in Philadelphia from June 30 -July 4. A car caravan will leave SF June 11 making stops along the way. The website is

Urgent Announcements: None

Working Group Reports

Conflict Resolution WG : At the Friday night meeting (6/1) it was decided that the CR WG will meet after each GA to resolve any conflicts that may have arisen. An attempt will be made to reach out to occupiers who are no longer coming to GA or events.

Art WG: Ayla has silkscreen mats etc. She is willing to work with anyone who wants to learn how to do silkscreening. Also interested in doing something with bamboo and having art activities during tent-ins.

River Street Defense WG: Monday 3 PM Subrosa

Direct Action WG: Monday 6 PM at Subrosa.

Agenda Items

1) Occupy Monterey is organizing for an event – Occupy Mark’s House – on July 7. Foreclosure WGs from the vicinity such as SC, SF and Oakland are invited to participate. There will be discussions, potluck, camping, etc. David Solnit from SF will do signage.

Discussion: Should contact the autonomous SC FC WG.

Already done.

2) Need to generate more participation and interest in GAs. Only 8 people in attendance. Need a phone tree and e-mail list to keep people informed of activities and actions. Are the meeting times and places discouraging attendance? Need to re-connect with those no longer attending.

Discussion: Newsletter to keep people informed?

More activities like Tent mobs to get people involved. Have GAs following tent mobs.

Final Announcements

Restoration Circle will be next Wednesday after GA. It was announced that it was to follow today’s GA. That was incorrect.

General Assembly Notes for Sun 27May2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Mithrell.]]

Inspirational Minute:

With tomorrow being Memorial Day, thinking of GIs and servicepeople. Unfortunately they are sent to do wars of option rather than wars of necessity. Hope that they all come home.

They are the 99%.

Occupy News: none

Urgent Announcements: none

Working Group Reports

Santa Cruz Eleven Support: Meets Monday 3pm SubRosa. Friday June 1st Brent meets with his new attorney. Discovery, preliminary trial to be discussed.

Student Foreclosure WG: Will probably morph into a group focusing on financial crime. Currently working on examining county records to find fraudulent foreclosure documents. Will be providing training on how to do this. Working with Occupy Foreclosure Group and WILPF. Will continue on through Summer. Next meeting: Thursday 9pm McHenry Library Lobby.

Legal: Hearing June 14th from Peace Camp 2010. Right to sleep case. 4pm Thursday Department 5. Go for more info.

Strategy: meetings suspended for time being. No more meetings 12pm west courthouse steps.

Direct Action: meets Monday 6pm SubRosa and is looking for new members.

Occupy 24/7: meets Monday 1pm SubRosa.

Proposed Agenda Items

-Discussion of Media WG (or lack thereof).

-Discussion of re-occupation and forming working group to focus on re-occupation. Points of information: already exists. Occupy 24/7 working group meets Mondays 1pm SubRosa. Agenda item withdrawn.

-Discussion of Conflict Resolution group within Occupy Santa Cruz.


Discussion of Media working group (or lack thereof).

-Comment on OSC website problematic.

-Member of media wg states that media is looking for content. Anyone can join media team, will give passwords.

-GA notes were edited. Against political editing. Clarifying question: What is political editing? A: Political opinion taken out of notes.

-Was on media, but not now. Will leave it up to general assembly.

Clarification: We are talking about OSC site, not Facebook page(s).

-Suggestion of YouTube videos from GA.

-Suggestion to make zine.

Will meet after GA to discuss media.

Proposal: No negative information about our group on OSC.

-People have different definitions of negative. Proposal withdrawn.

-Who has host admin? A: (Three people named).

-Reality sometimes is negative.

-Proposal: Remove specific offensive comment from website. -not passed.

-Concerns that we need to establish a rule to say that the comment violates it.

-Proposal: No personal attacks, no editorial comments about individuals.

Friendly amendment: Administrators cannot make negative comments about members of Occupy on the website. -passed

Conflict resolution working group

-Suggestion to meet today after GA.

-Point of information: people already meeting about media wg today after GA.

-Conflict Resolution working group will meet Wed after the GA.


Film on Maya at RCNV tonight 7pm.

9am Monday/tomorrow Occupy Chapel will be setting up across from Jamba Juice.

“Active Collaborative Education” will be setting up a discussion space (not a space for planning actions). Looking for people interested in teaching. Can be skill share, like knitting or seed bombing. Meets 1st and 4th Friday of month 2pm base of campus and 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month at RCNV 6-9pm.