Why Occupy Is Imperative…

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Dear Community,

Occupy Santa Cruz would like to inform thee on upcoming events. But first we, or at least I (Casey), would like to explain why Occupying is imperative. We can’t stress enough the importance of having a democratic society that generates solutions to the many challenges we face that are beneficial to all. The Occupy Movement has pinpointed where the challenges lie in our society—the immense corporations and our corrupt governments serving to protect those corporate interests. Now is the time to also identify solutions that are beneficial to all. So at these events, we either show what is not a solution, or what is. Here are a couple upcoming events that may intrigue you:

OCCUPY NDAA – Saturday March 3rd. Meet at 4pm @ the Santa Cruz Clock Tower

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorizes the indefinite imprisonment of American Citizens without charge or trial. As a result, the NDAA violates our right to due process and habeas corpus–5th and 6th Amendments of the United States Constitution. This is NOT a solution to the problems we face. Come to the Clock Tower wearing an orange jump suit and/or handcuffs, signs and determination.

March to END FORECLOSURES – Sunday March 11th. Meet at 1pm @ the Courthouse Steps on Water St.

Banks have been forcing millions of people out of their homes through an illegal foreclosure process. We are asking people to sign our petition to ask Sheriff Phil Wowack to not enforce these illegal foreclosures. To attend a Teach-In on Foreclosures, Request a Presentation, Sign our Petition, or desire more information, send an e-mail to: oscforeclosuregroup@gmail.com. This is a great solution to one of the problems we face! Look for an event on March 12th in Watsonville as well!

Hope to see you there!