Tent Monsters in Stockton

July 8, 2012 admin Arts & ActionsComments Off

Diana writes us from Stockton:

Our group is standing with the house-less in Stockton and have been for 19 days today. We may be jumping off of your idea here in order to create a bit of a flash mob routine. Please feel free to contact me for more details on our current occupation. I have actually received a citation and await my court date for having a tent in the park which was not a park before we arrived. I took the warning and used the opportunity to change the tent into art and thus it should now become a right of speech issue. If you wish to friend me on Facebook I can be found easily. I am a high school teacher and enjoy every chance I get to teach the government what democracy really looks like. We also have a free speech board which all citizens have access to on a very public corner of town directly down the street from our tyrannical city manager. Peace and remember occupy with Love and will we change the world as we know it.

Way to go Occupy Stockton!