Take Back Oscar Grant Plaza on Thursday 25 October 2012

October 24, 2012 admin Arts & ActionsComments Off

Converge on OGP at 3PM to begin the open forum
Dinner/breakout groups at 5PM
March at 7PM
Occupy OGP and continue conversations all night.

The Oakland Commune served as a socio/political refuge for Oakland residents. It was open and free for all and provided a space where people could traverse race and class divides in order to share food, discussion, and visions of a more just world.

This Thursday October 25, Occupy Oacland will take back Oscar Grant Plaza with the intention of reclaiming the commons and the right of the people to organize in City Centers.

This is a call out to all thise who either experienced or were intrigued by the power of the Oakland Commune to come and contribute to the evening’s planned discussion on racism, patriarchy, state repression, and bridges to building a mass movement.

Come gather with Oakland in the commons!