Occupy Santa Cruz consenses on “Statement of Area Solidarity”

January 16, 2011 admin Comments Off

The November 15, 2011 General Assembly of Occupy Santa Cruz consensed on the following statement to express its support for other Occupations, both philosophical and physical. We’d love to see links in the comments below to any similar statements of solidarity issued by other Occupations.

“We affirm the right of our sister Occupations to fight economic injustice using methods of peaceful protest. We make this Declaration of Solidarity and affirm that should the police attempt to forcibly disrupt ANY Occupation within 100 miles radius: we agree to rally at a massed protest organized by the hosting Occupation. We urge all Occupations to sign this Declaration as a show of Solidarity to your area Occupation. “An assault to one of us: is an assault to all of us. Power to the peaceful!”