Police Update 10/9

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Word in from Legal, October 9:

Everyone,  (if this is going out to the Media Group only, please pass it on to the full GA)

As many of you may know by now, sheriff’s deputies confronted the courthouse occupiers last night just after 10:30. It is my understanding from the phone conversations I had with Nicolas that the deputies read a statement that, in effect, cited the wording of the Penal Code 647e lodging statute.

 Basically, that position is that the Chief Executive Officer for the County of Santa Cruz is the legal owner of the property and that the occupiers we on the property without her permission. They were told that if they refused to leave they would be cited for the misdemeanor violation.

 For the Legal Group, I gave Nicolas as much information as I had as to the statute and legal position of the occupiers at that point in time. Nicolas took this information back to the group and it was decided by consensus that the group pack up and vacate the courthouse location.

 I am pleased to report that as of this morning, that occupation has been completely resumed and all of the tables, chairs and signage are in place along with half a dozen occupiers. The San Lorenzo Park occupation also continues to be strong.

 Please bear in mind that beyond my background as a research lawyer and Ed Frey’s status as a bar certified Attorney at Law, we presently have no other qualified legal support for the occupation. That having been said, we got caught with our pants down and we apologize for not preparing the occupiers more thoroughly.

 Ed and I will be working on legal strategies throughout the day which we will bring to tonight’s GA.