OWS Activists Visit Santa Cruz

August 9, 2012 admin Working Group NotesComments Off

Where: 4555 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz, CA

When: Friday 10 August 2012 from 7PM to 8:30PM

Join us to share stories and experiences with Occupy Wall Street activists Jen Waller and Tom Hintze.

With the upsurge in activism in this country we’ve seen an increase in political repression (violent mass arrests, the entrapment of the Cleveland 5 and NATO 5, recent FBI raids on activists’ homes, etc), which has opened many new activists’ eyes to just how brutal the government can be when people call out its hypocrisies and allegiance to the 1%. Meanwhile, the ever-present abuse of poor communities of color by local police and the FBI (most recently in Anaheim) remain largely unchallenged by everyone but those who are affected by it.

Occupy Wall Street Activists Jen Waller and Tom Hintze believe that with all the bad press law enforcement has gotten in the recent months, there is an opportunity now to raise awareness about historical and ongoing political repression and racist policing and to share strategies for fighting them. So are traveling city to city, hosting roundtable discussions, speaking in bookstores and activist spaces, and running legal trainings for activists, all with a focus on anti-oppression and radical care.

Join us.

Hosted by Diana Wilson and Ed Frey.