OSC requests County suspension of “lodging ban”

November 23, 2011 admin General AssemblyComments Off

November 22, 2011


Susan Mauriello
County Administrative Officer
701 Ocean St., Room 520
Santa Cruz, California 95060


The General Assembly of Occupy Santa Cruz


Dear Madam,

We appreciate the County’s support of our First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly, and are encouraged by our emerging dialogues with your delegate Dinah Phillips and the Sheriff’s office.

One key concern is the ongoing enforcement of the vague lodging statute, resulting in harassment of our members and confiscation of their personal property.

We request that you do everything in your power to promote our Constitutional rights, including specifically suspending enforcement of the lodging ban.

We look forward to ongoing dialogue with your office and appreciate your attention to our grievance.


Approved by the General Assembly of Occupy Santa Cruz on November 22, 2011.