October 9th GA: Steady we go!

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#OccupySantaCruz wraps the October 9 General Assembly with a loving twist (photo by @a_sunspeck)

This daytime General Assembly was a rollicking one. As we sat on the Water Street steps of the Superior Courthouse, the roaring noise of traffic fought our voices, but the innumerable honks and hollers of support buoyed our spirits.

Perhaps the smaller turnout and facilitation quibbles lended passion to an outspokenness regarding many participants’ desire for a more explicitly defined purpose, the prior proposal for announcing solidarity with the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City having been quietly dropped from consideration. Some spoke of our need to define demands on our government and corporations, while others spoke of our need to instead define demands on ourselves. The philosophy working group was tasked with drafting a mission statement to bring to a future General Assembly.

The assembly was unified in summarily consensing on the second draft of our Statement of Nonviolence, as proposed. Suggestions were made of reaching out to the Resource Center for Nonviolence for support and collaboration on our stake in nonviolence [Clarification: The proposal was to solicit training in nonviolence from the RCNV, and was tabled after concerns arose that many among OCS know nothing about this organization.]

Mention was made of an upcoming Santa Cruz action somewhat resembling Occupy Santa Cruz’s prior march on banks. Research reveals that event, confusingly promoted among OSC channels, is in fact an event organized and in support of Moveon.org.

Further discussions included tasking people on fundraising needs, GA process issues, and the potential establishment of an auxiliary soapbox format for less process-conducted oration at the assembly. Strong support was aroused for attending to the needs of our campers, the 24-hour contingent of Occupy Santa Cruz.

Tomorrow’s General Assembly is at 6pm, again at the Courthouse on Water St. As always, all are invited to come share their voice! Newcomers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our process of general assembly.

[A full recap of the October 9 GA will be posted when notes are transcribed.]