October 15: Rally for Global Change

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The people of our world are meeting in over 700 cities across the globe to let their voices be heard and represent themselves, instead of a chosen few who have subjected the majority of the world’s population to extreme inequality and monumental degradation of resources. Let us come together peacefully and reclaim our world citizenship and demand a true democracy.

In solidarity with the 15october.net movement for global change, Occupy Santa Cruz will hold a series of events throughout the day:

Before the march: There will be a “critical mass” style bike rally to gather up support and increase our ranks for the march, complete with signs and fliers.

12pm-2pm: Music and spoken word, calling all musicians and speakers!

2:30pm: March from the courthouse steps. The route will move up and down Pacific Avenue and around the Clock Tower before heading back to the occupation at the courthouse.

After the march, 4-6pm: More music and spoken word! As mentioned above, we need musicians and speakers!!

As usual we will hold our 6pm General Assembly.

Then come camp out for a giant sleepover!

Come down and show your support for this amazing and beautiful action. Global change is possible, we have strength in numbers and 99% is an abundance.


We are looking for musicians and speakers please email your ideas for
songs, subjects and poetry ideas:
ginny at digitalmediafactory dot com
for time slots

Please give the name of the band and instrumentation for your band members.

Full Schedule (Subject to change):

12:00 Dayan Kai & Steve Uccello

12:20 Hope for Peace- Spoken word

12:30 Pamela Hanson

12:40 Tammi Brown

12:50 Spoken word (X)

1:00 Daniel Dowell

1:20 Chris the DJ

1:40-2:00 Numerous (Vibrant Eyeris)

2:30 March to Pacific Garden Mall

4:00 Ginny Mitchell, Tracy Parker, Patti Maxine

4:20 Jason and Friends

4:40 Robert Seals

5:00-6:00 Love Eternal

6:00 General Assembly

8:00 – into the night: Movie, games, and camp-in