OccupySantaCruz.org Media Policy

October 22, 2011 admin General AssemblyComments Off

How to create a more democratic newsmedia?

We’ve outlined a content policy for OccupySantaCruz.org with the following goals 1) to clearly define our purpose as a media outlet, 2) to hold ourselves accountable to the General Assembly, and to 3) expand our utility as both a central clearinghouse for GA news, and as a broader forum to empower the diversity of voices within our movement.

The requisite structural upgrades to OSC.org will be incorporated over the coming week. In the meantime: essays, community reporting, photojournalism pieces, and videos can be submitted for publication through our contact form. And when we get the discussion forum going, it will hopefully serve useful as a non-corporate and fully archival space for Occupy Santa Cruz organizing and debate. I’m happy to address any questions on these upcoming changes in the comments below.

OccupySantaCruz.org is an autonomous publication of the OSC Media Group, compiled with respect to serving the interests of the General Assembly of Occupy Santa Cruz.

To this end, we publish media through three labeled channels, each with a distinct editorial policy:

  1. GA News publishes reports and archives of the General Assemblies, reports and proposals of the working groups, OSC announcements and OSC event reports. This section is edited to neutrally reflect the will of the General Assembly, to the extent possible.
  2. Community Perspectives publishes and references original reports, essays, art, and video reflecting individual authorship and the diversity of opinion within the Occupy Santa Cruz community. This section will solicit content by open submission. It will be curated with a judicious eye on quality, redundancy, and relevance, but not to represent one ideology over another.
  3. OSC Forum hosts open discussion of OSC activities and serves to help coordinate working group projects. It will remain largely unedited, but be moderated with respect to the OSC Statement of Nonviolence.

Through these three channels we hope to record the development of OSC, promote the activities of OSC, and further empower the voices of Santa Cruz.