Occupy SF 3rd Convergence #S20

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Occupy SF 3rd Convergence

Sat Sept 20,2014

Chelsea Mannning Plaza – SF

4PM – 8PM

A gathering of : Songs & Performance, Street Theater, Information & Tactics, Affirmation of Purpose

Participating Organizations: San Francisco Green Party, Occupy SF Environmental Justice Group, Occupy Forum, Occupy Oakland, Gray Panthers, Strike Debt Bay Area, First They Came for the Homeless, 99 RISE, SF 99% Coalition, International Solidarity Movement, Free Palistine Movement, 67 Suenos Mirgant Youth Collective, Code Pink, Network of Spiritual Progressives, Sunflower Alliance, Veterans for Peace / Homeless Veterans, SF Ocean Edge, People of CA 12, No Nukes Action Committee, Courage to Resist, Chelsea Manning Support Network, Move To Amend, BankACT, and more …

Sponsored by:

Occupy SF Action Council

Endorsed by:

Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs
Occupy Santa Cruz

For more info: