Occupy Santa Cruz and the 75River group

December 2, 2011 admin General AssemblyComments Off

While the Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly does not necessarily support the unconsensed and unannounced autonomous action of reclaiming 75 River Street, Occupy Santa Cruz does support the need for community space.

Individuals are encouraged to participate in any and all direct actions their conscience compels them to support.

Because some Occupy Santa Cruz individuals do support the reclaiming of 75 River Street, Occupy Santa Cruz invites the entire community including 75River, busines owners, city officials and unions to discuss the issue of reclaiming public and unused spaces at Occupy Santa Cruz’s Sunday General Assembly at the Courthouse at 2:30 PM for the next four weeks.

More info regarding 75River can be found at their website: 75River.tumblr.com


This statement was approved by the General Assembly of Occupy Santa Cruz on December 2nd, 2011.