Occupy San Jose 1 Year! Festivities

October 6, 2012 admin Arts & ActionsComments Off

When: Saturday 6 Oct 2012 from Noon until Noon Sunday 7 Oct 2012
Where: San Jose City Hall, 4th and Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA

24 hour celebration of Occupy San Jose’s 1st Anniversary
(stay for an hour; stay for a day… have it your way!)

Mood: non-destructive direct action – often humorous

Intention: Reunion-ish, Fun!

Agenda below, with “times”… “ORG” means Organic – the time is TBD by whoever is into it (affinity group)

Noon Setup and Sign-making
12:30-1:00: Face Painting (defeats facial recognition!)
1:00-2:00: Occupy The Banks march/action
ORG: Music (bring drums and instruments please!)
ORG: Chalkupy (includes marking “sidewalks” to help attorneys argue for legal occupation zones – i kid you not.)
ORG: “Really Really Free Market”
TBD: Scavenger Hunt
6:00-7:00: Potluck (w/ more from those w/ more $)
TBD: Mock Debates
TBD: Invited speakers
ORG: Themed Discussions (Wall St, Foreclosures, etc)
ORG: Open Mic
11PM or later: Livestreamed discussions with SJPD 🙂
Sunrise: Meditation & Yoga?
ORG: “Really Really Free Market”
11AM: Teardown and cleanup
Noon: usual Sunday General Assembly if anyone is still present and awake 🙂