Occupy Black Friday! Buy Nothing Agitprop Coupons

November 24, 2011 admin PerspectiveComments Off

Happy Thanksgiving! I can think of few better ways to give thanks than going down to your local occupation and sharing food with family and community members. But how about some full-belly culturejamming?

But somehow over the last few years, a wholesome family-oriented day of turkey overconsumption has become associated with an onerous stockholder-oriented day of retail overconsumption. Reportedly, there will be three times as many people camped out to start shopping at midnight tonight as there were on “Black Friday” in 2008. Say it ain’t so!

Let’s reclaim our bodies as people, rather than consumers. To this end, some members of Occupy Santa Cruz have autonomously initiated an action to engage Black Friday shoppers in questioning the forces that propel their shopping spree… And you can too! Print out a stack of these coupons (pdf here), cut them up and bring them down to your local shopping mall or big box store, and insert a little humourous resistance and respectful discourse into the gravy-drenched retail frenzy.