Medical Supplies Needed!

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If you are able to contribute any of these items, it will be of utmost benefit to the health of our occupation. Just bring any of these items down to the info table in front of the Courthouse steps on Water St. Thanks!

Since most of our medical supplies were stolen last Saturday, Nov. 19th, our list of needs is long:

Drinking water (we have no access to running water so we use this for sanitation)

Saline water
Disposable gloves
Paper towels
hand sanitizer
Gauze (sterile or clean 4×4′s and 3×3′s)
Tape- paper or plastic medical tape
Roller gauze
Bandage scissors (blunt tip)
Antibiotic ointment
Instant ice/heat packs
Ibuprofen/Tylenol/baby aspirin
Candy/honey cake icing, or glucose gel (for diabetics)
rehydration drink (Gatorade)
Red or white duct tape
Ace bandages
Mole skin
Triangular bandage
Cloth sling
Burn salve
Topical arnica
cough drops
space blanket
other blankets
Clean socks (to put over foot injuries)
epsom salts