March 4, 2012 General Assembly Notes

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Occupy News:
Occupy-related themes in movie just released: The Lorax.

Two exciting arraignments on Mon, Tue.
Becky Johnson 8:15 Monday
Robert norse 8:15 Tuesday

Group of Occupiers going to Sacramento for Occupy Education.

Urgent announcements: none

Working Group Reports:

River St. Defense: Santa Cruz Eleven support meeting tomorrow 3pm
foreclosed house. Research on Wells Fargo. Speaking at open mikes and
taking info to other Occupies.

Foreclosure: Met yesterday. Plan for going to Tues Supervisor meeting.
3-4 speakers to ask the Supervisors to do something to delay or stop
Ken Foster’s home foreclosure. Arrive a few minutes before 9am at
courthouse 5th floor. March 11 march starts 1pm courthouse steps.
Music, other stuff. Costumes: Robin Hood, scuba gear, etc. Wed 5pm
non-violence training courthouse steps. Sign making Sun 12pm
courthouse steps.

Media: May be meeting after GA. link to rebuttal to Chris Hedges

Legal: Decision to be made: Do we continue the litigation with City of
Santa Cruz. City wants dismissal. Legal needs help with tasks to
continue to litigate. On agenda today.

Strategy: Met today.

Food Justice: Scheduling speaker. Tuesday 10am Subrosa.

Direct Action: Direct Action was out in force at he 4:30 am picket
line at UCSC. Also had anti-NDAA action yesterday. Occupier grabbed by
two people dressed in black, thrown into back of suspicious vehicle
which then sped off. Police stopped us, told us not to do it again.
Meeting tomorrow 6pm courthouse steps.

Foreclosed house: Had backyard cleaning party today.


Next week’s facilitators:

Tues: Dennis
Thur: Mithrell
Sat: Steve
Sun: see next agenda item

GA next Sunday:
Proposal: Not have GA next Sunday. Friendly amendment: Have GA after
the march. Will be announced at ad hoc time whenever it makes sense.
Ad hoc facilitator. Results: consensus.

Lawsuit dismissal discussion:
First lawsuit they sued Steve and Occupy after Nov 16. Removed to
federal court, is now coming back. Also lawsuit filed by us. Choice to
drop suit against us. Steve going to court, thinks OSC should have its
day in court, unnecessary to continue second lawsuit.

127 people displaced, 8000 pounds of personal possessions thrown away.
Parks and Rec needs to feel some kind of heat for OSC.

Will need to commit serious assistance to Ed. Would be bad for OSC to
drop, Steve to continue.

Time, 5 minutes added.

Suit, countersuit. County not involved in either of these litigations.
Could take years of appeals.

Steve going ahead. He wants to do that. Will not impact the case if
Occupy withdraws.

Could get damages from City but it will take 6 years of appeals. Need
to find additional help for Ed or a different lawyer.

Maybe we can put word out on websites to get them help. An occupier
volunteers to help Ed. We should help Steve any way that we can.

More agenda items: The Avenue boarded up, foreclosed on to gain
control of the property.

Talk to Coral about sign making.

22 chants for March 11. Call-out for chant leaders, sign-making.

Callout for bullhorns, cardboard boxes.

7 occupiers went to Oakland in solidarity for FTP march.

600 people for SC going to Sacramento Monday.