March 24, 2012 General Assembly Notes

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[cc’d J.]

Assembly was called at about 2:15 P.M. at the weather optional main post office…

Facilitator approved.

Hand signals demonstrated.

Inspirational moment was given by Ed who restated some prose by Walt Whitman given at recent GA.

Urgent Announcements:

Not remembered.

Occupy News:

Not remembered either.

Working Groups:

Various reports were given by group members..There was some recall of Direct Action planning a protest parade, Legal spoke to Gary Johnson facing serious time in prison for sleeping on Santa Cruz County public property. Food & Justice was said to be busy preparing for tomorrow’s Food Not Bombs event at India Joze. Media said it is healthy and dysfunctional, so all is fine…


At approximately 2:30-2:40 PM, a post office security representative arrived and demanded the GA immediately move elsewhere…After recovering from shock and being appalled, some present referred to the clearly posted “No Trespass” sign saying the premises were open to the public during day time.

Staring in a menacing fashion at his cell phone, the time cop said something like “I warned you nicely” …He then disappeared to wherever time cops go….

By now the outrage was thick in the air among those assembled. It was proposed that the regular Saturday GAs will be moved to the main post office. There was very little long winded discussion in stack. It was consented to almost unanimously with one stand aside.

Because of the gravity of the situation, and none volunteered at the start to take notes, people stared at John from media to step up and duly record the GA consensus for process .. For some reason John was not miffed at this development as he is usually rather lazy…He trudged on…and the assembly resumed talking.

Abbi from ReachIn/ReachOut discussed her idea for a one day nationwide Electricity Strike..She was not ready to make a formal proposal.. Mental notes say it was suggested that work groups come together to further develop Abbi’s idea..

Joy discussed and presented a proposal she had in mind.. GA consensed that Occupy Santa Cruz [OSC] will co-sponsor Cabrillo/WILPF [Women’s International League For Peace & Freedom] Earth Week events including an expert on the “Precautionary Principle”, April 20th from 7 to 9 P.M. OSC will be listed on publicity and have the opportunity to table at the event. There is no cost or other obligation.

Having no further agenda items there may have been announcements. Please check local listings and calendars for updates….Tiring from waiting for the police to arrive, the GA consented to adjourn…

Considering the possibility of a last minute visit from law enforcement, a spirited conversation continued as the ad hoc notetaker left for the next thing….