March 22, 2012 General Assembly Notes

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Inspirational Mins: Missed w/out paper. One By Walt Whitman

Urgent News/ Announcements

* Goodtimes has a great piece on the foreclosure March on pg. 6

* On May Day we can turn off the power and hurt the power companies.

Occupy News

* Gary Johnson found Guilty of sleeping like a human being, and so charged with four counts. Judge seemed to not want to hear evidence that would be in Gary’s favor. Another hearing in April.

* On Wed., Occupiers and new protesters all over the country did #MillionHoodieMarch (es) to bring light to the injustice of the racist/ pro -gun system in America! Look up hashtag on twitter. Young man that was killed, Trayvon Martin, represents so many other African-American young people killed in a violent racist system. More info on DemocracyNow!, interwebz etc.

* Occupy Oakland did a brief re-occupation that was streamed live! Ask Denica or Abbie for links.

* General bank news: I know the banks like Wells Fargo have re-ordered fees in order to incur more late charges.

Working Group

Occupy Art: April 6th show – need art and help! Contact Ayla Also today, There will be a silk-screening at SubRosa on Sat.

Media: Found new art for May 1st actions.

Legal: Two lawsuits against Occupy may have to be thrown out because Ed is spread too thin these days! Would like to focus that energy elsewhere.

Reach In, Reach Out: Tuesday 7:45 @ India Joze – fun things planned.

Food Justice: On Sat., 24th, 10 am at SubRosa there is a meeting for food justice.
On Sunday, 25th, KEITH McHENRY, Food Not Bombs co-founder
Sunday, March 25, 2012

India Joze Restaurant – 418 Front Street, Santa Cruz at 4:00 PM
-March from GA on Sunday to the event planned. 🙂

Outreach: Who to outreach to?! Casey does a lot!

May 1st: Meeting 6 PM OccuHouse for final planning

Direct Action: Working on action for April 14th / Move your $$! Wed., 28th for meeting 6 pm?

River St. Defense: Meeting Monday, 3pm OccuHouse. Looking into we pay, website and maybe a twitter campaign.

Connecting/ Why we Occupy: New working group forming to help Occupiers connect, network and understand eachother. Working on a meeting time, thinking before the Sunday GA. Message Denica or talk in person.

Strategy: Working on routes to in act change.

Agenda Items:

Need Living Room and Household Items for Bank Action – donations needed for move your $$ day.
1) I know of a house that is being cleaned out, we can get things there.
2) I’ll dress in a sheriff’s outfit!
3) Contact me online because I can not make it to the foreclosure wg meetings – I live in Prunedale.
4) We can collect supplies from different places.

25th Event – Are the City Officials Coming?
a) Maybe
~Then I will not be coming. These are the same people who took down the camp.

Silk Screen
Need picture frames, $ donations for Sat. screening. Contact Ayla. Food justice at 10am, then 12 at SubRosa for screening.
1) I know how to make home-made gas masks.
2) Bring any other art project to work on if u want.
3) Bring a frame and a shirt if u can.

Proposal: Rain on Sat means we should take GA to the Post Office. (Only for events of RAIN)
Vote: YES

Discussion on Working Groups Vs., with General Assembly
-Would like to talk about some of the issues with the working groups and GA.

1) Unfortunately, we had a situation w/ the March where I was attacked for bringing up an issue of monitors/ being moved/ touched. The working groups are to form ideas and actions for the GA to vote on, not to subvert GA. I can not come into town on the bus everyday for WG that may or may not happen. I do a LOT of work and resented the statements about “not helping” enough when I do what I can for the events I am interested in. I think the WG have become cliques and the are not meant to take place of GA! If u exclude people by cattiness etc. then y would they come? If OSC isn’t included, it is it an “OSC” event?
2) There are so many WG’s for this small size of Occupy. Even in Sacramento we did not have this many working groups. Some people stress themselves out going to groups they don’t have to. (Create a situation) We are spread too thin. Less groups and more GA. The foreclosure group has become a clique, with meetings in different places etc.
3) No one has to go to groups. I think solution is to encourage those people in WG’s to attend GA more often. Working groups are only supposed to form ideas for GA so we can ALL vote on them. Lots of people skipping GA.
4) Ask the working groups to come to GA with their ideas so we can talk about them. I work and I can not make every meeting there is. Come to GA one more time a week?
5) I would say give WG even more freedom. We don’t want little choices coming through GA all the time.
6) The Big Ideas should always come to GA- not little ones – not what we are saying.
7) WG have a lot of room already, we need the GA to involve everyone’s opinion and make sure it is a group action. Not semantics but real issues.
8 ) I feel like we almost have two sets of GA goers!
9) We are living in volunteer world and can not force anyone to do things that they do not/ can not do!

End News:

Art News: Flyers needed from media? (Denica is willing to help design flyers in future fyi)

Media is looking for contributers for Occupy content.

May 1st planning meeting this Friday 6PM

Free School Anarchy class – 4 PM Friday – see Casey