March 20, 2012 General Assembly Notes

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Urgent Announcements:

Occupy invited to co-sponsor event with Womens International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) on the “Precautionary
principle.” WILPF meeting is tonight at Cabrillo. Became agenda item.

FTP march this Saturday in Oakland.

Occupy News:

OWS called for resignation of police commissioner of New York City.
Also reoccupied Union Square after they tried taking Zucotti park
three days ago.

UC Davis shut down permanently US Bank on campus.

Working Group Reports:

Foreclosure: Today was Supervisors’ meeting. Four people attended and
two people spoke. There was an agenda item at the Supervisors’
meeting: a resolution in favor of the “Homeowner’s Bill of Rights.” It
was moved to the end of the meeting but looked like it would pass.
Next meeting 4pm Wednesday at the Octagon (corner of Pacific and

Treasury: Really needs food receipts. Donation from Teacher’s Union
that cannot be collected without food receipts.

Food Justice Coalition: Tomorrow at the foreclosed house 1pm – 5pm
Seed Bomb Making Party!

Direct Action:
Working on Move Your Money Day for April 14th. Next meeting is
Wednesday, March 28th, 6pm courthouse steps. Also, May 1st Organizing
working group has been formed. It is a collaboration between Direct
Action and Outreach. First meeting is this Friday 6pm at the
foreclosed house.

Legal: Gary Johnson trial is currently going on. Freedom of speech
suppressed in the courts. Next court date 11am Department 2. Probably
will finish Thursday.

Co-sponsoring event with WILPF. WILPF has invited us to co-sponsor an
event. Discussion. Not enough info for GA to make a decision at this
point. Tabled to a later date.

The 99% Spring:
April 24th gathering for Wells Fargo Shareholder’s Convention in SF.
Much of West Coast focusing on that. Discussion. How do we
participate? Referred to May 1st Organizing working group.

Movie night: Carried over from Sunday GA. Someone knew a person with a
projector. Someone offered to contact that person and work on the
project. Another person volunteered to help as well.

Media group looking for material to publish, authors who want to
publish articles on the website.

Cabrillo Thursday Women’s History event going on in quad 12 – 4pm. By
bike co-op.

Reach In, Reach Out needs item posted by Media Group. Also, Reach In
Reach Out meets tonight at 7:45 at India Joze.