March 18, 2012 General Assembly Notes

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– Facilitator: George

Inspirational Minute:
– Anthony : Spent the last few days in Monterey. Stopped by Occupy
Monterey. It was beautiful.

Occupy News:
1. The G8 has been moved from Chicago to Camp David. Obama says “for
a more intimate setting” but more likely because Chicago police
anticipated up to 10,000 protestors from the Occupy movement and
2. In Seattle, occupiers who shut down Chase Bank acquitted.
3. OWS is calling for an Occupy Revival to renew a 24 hour presence in
massive numbers. Saturday, March 17th, occupiers violently cleared
4. Occupy Davis: US Bank closed down after 3 months occupation. [Ed note: GX: Corrected bank name after fact check.]
5. Occupy Davis: Re: pepper spray incident on UCD campus:
Investigation into police removing officers’ names from report due
to 10,000 emails against the action.
6. UC Berkeley chancellor resigned due to police brutality against
7. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan facing recall.

Urgent News:
1. Volunteers needed for McHenry event. Also, need researchers on
local Wells Fargo behavior (foreclosures, etc.). Contact Linda.
2. Gary Johnson trial for sleeping to begin Mon. March 19th, 10:45am.
Dept. 2.

Working Group Reports:
1. Art: Art show beginning April 6th and continuing for one month at
Resource Center for NonViolence. Art party next week to make masks,
silk screens, origami tents, etc. Possibly at Mission St. house. Feel
free to do autonomous art projects as well. Need flyers made and
2. Food Justice: Meets: Tues. 10am at SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave.
Helping to organize the McHenry event.
3. Stop Foreclosure: Next meeting: Wed. 4pm at the Octagon. Fabulous
march last weekend. Some media attention: Good Times; online City on a
Hill Press; Santa Cruz Weekly. Still helping Ken Foster; Tuesday
County Supervisors’ meeting: John Leopold will introduce a
resolution to be voted on supporting the “California Homeowners’
Bill of Rights”. Need good show of support; will have an opportunity
to speak.
4. Direct Action: Meets: Mon. 6pm on the courthouse steps. In the
works: Bank Transfer Day; April 14th. Draw attention to big banks not
paying taxes.
5. River St. Defendants: Meets Mon. 3pm Mission St house. Preliminary
hearing for Alex and Bradley lasted 3 days; main defense – they are
journalists; witnesses included Mike Rotkin. No evidence of conspiracy
– not necessary (a way to attack free speech?). Judge Stillman
dropped vandalism and conspiracy to commit vandalism charges against
Brad and Alex. Felony trespass and conspiracy to commit trespass
charges still stand. Robert’s and Becky’s preliminary hearing
April 15th; other defendants’ prelims April 23rd.
6. Outreach: Meets Tues. after GA at SubRosa; discuss who to reach out
to, current focus on Occupy Watsonville and Brown Berets. Went to
progressive check-in: focused on May 1st General Strike. UCSC students
want to do their own event. UCSC GA Mon. 7pm Kresge student lounge.

Agenda Items:
1. Facilitators for Week:
-Tues. – Anthony
-Thurs – Casey
-Sat – Steve
-Sun – ??
2. Supervisors’ Resolution – On consent agenda – adopt
resolution supporting “Homeowners’ Bill of Rights”. County Board
of Supervisors’ meeting Tues. am.
3. Movie Events:
Suggest we consider watching pertinent movies as a group with
discussion afterwards. Let’s look into further at other GAs. Add to
Tues. agenda.

1. “American Taliban” used for many bills by Republican
legislators. In Arizona, employers may fire female employees for using
2. Bank Transfer Day Sat. April 14th.
3. Study: One in ten Wall St. traders show psychopathic symptoms: high
risk-taking behaviors and low empathy.
4. Isaac ‘Miracle I’ is staying with Nicholas, having a rest from
stress, and working with youth teaching hip hop. Very educational for
5. Gratitude: Thanks to George and John for good job posting on
Facebook and Occupy website.