Justice Seekers and Free Speech Advocates! Your Solidarity Needed to Face Increasing Police Pressure on Occupy Santa Cruz

November 4, 2011 admin PerspectiveComments Off

At today’s “Empathy Cafe” workshop, led by Christine King on the lawn of the courthouse, we discuss methods for strengthening our community through compassionate communication

Visits from the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs have been increasing, and in the past 24 hours, four of our occupiers were issued lodging citations for resting on the grounds of the Courthouse. Coinciding with the arrival of rainclouds, we sense an increased attempt to dismantle and silence our occupation through harassment and attrition.

The General Assembly has decided that we will hold our space, and assert our right to free speech and free assembly. We will continue to gather daily, we will continue to seek justice, we will sleep when we are tired, and we will refuse to disappear quietly.

We need, now more than ever, support from Santa Cruz and abroad. Rain shelters, warm clothes and blankets, and home cooking are as appreciated as ever. But even more importantly than that: we need your presence, your participation, and especially your vocal and public support as we continue our community-building in the face of adversity. There are an infinite multitude of ways to support this movement, and they all begin with sharing your voice.

We hold General Assemblies daily, and we look forward to conducting more workshops, more rallies, more outreach to other communities, and much more discussion of an equitable and harmonious future. Come be with us!

Mission Statement of Occupy Santa Cruz:

We gather together as Occupy Santa Cruz in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement. We are individuals committed to promoting justice. We have no leaders. We recognize the right of ALL voices to be heard: our diversity is a source of strength. We present a united front in our non-violent approach to addressing the problems we face and generating solutions beneficial to all. Please join us in creating a better world.