Just now: Total Repression of Courthouse Occupation! Stand with Occupy Santa Cruz

December 4, 2011 admin PerspectiveComments Off

The Santa Cruz County Sheriffs, after breaking down and stealing the Occudome and our other infrastructure this morning, have just now arrived to completely evict our courthouse demonstration. They have told us that anyone on the courthouse property from 7pm to 7am will be arrested.

In response to this, some of our occupiers have locked themselves to the steps. If you are able to, please come down to show your support and solidarity at this time, and help to protect our friends!

We will also need as much community support as possible at tomorrow’s General Assembly, regularly scheduled for 6pm-8pm. Dare the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs disrupt our self-organization when the lights go out on free speech at 7pm?

Huge GA tomorrow at courthouse steps 702 Water St. 6pm, followed by COMMUNITY UNEVICTION POTLUCK! Bring warm things, friends, nourishment and COME BE WITH US TO SHOW THAT FREE SPEECH DOESN’T END AT 7PM