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100+ law enforcement officers, most in riot gear, surrounded Occupy Santa Cruz’s encampment early this morning. Five Occupiers were arrested for resisting “evacuation”, plus one arrest on an unrelated outstanding warrant. Scores of county workers stuffed tents, bicycles and other personal property into a garbage truck. The public was blocked from getting close enough to the activity to take pictures.

One Occupier said, “I lost my tent because I was trying to help that old lady over there. They were going to gas her because she couldn’t get out of her tent fast enough.”

A flier was passed out at camp Wednesday that included this call to action: “We will rally at the courthouse and march to the office of Dannettee Shoemaker on Thursday December 8th at 12:00pm – 323 Church Street. If you have further questions concerning the Evacuation, please feel free to call her at 831-420-5270.”