“How We Will Occupy 2012″ Idea List

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This is the list of the ideas gathered from the brainstorming meeting of Jan. 18th. These will be among any considered at the follow up meeting on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 ,6 P.M. at the Resource Center For Non Violence, 612 Ocean St., in Santa Cruz. We hope to see everyone there!

Recognize our allies
Tabling at Farmers Market
Local collectives
Next Space
Guerilla Drive-In
Food Not Bombs/Lawns
Terra Gnoma
Transition Santa Cruz
Fruit Tree Mapping/Fruit Tree Project
Public speeches at public schools (speakers bureau)
New Earth Economy
Interoccupy outreach
Native people (e.g. Ohlone tribe)
Marketing our message. Better PR
UC/Cabrillo/Community Organzations cooperation
Unemployed outreach
Foreclosed houses outreach
People with time to spare outreach
Hispanic community (e.g. Watsonville)
More Latinos
Reach out to Latino groups like Relational Power in Action
Attract more people who have experienced oppression
Find ways people can assist without being an “activist” (eg. Move
Your Money)
Invite Churches (Sacred Spaces)
Involve Veterans
Involve Youth
Local diverse populations
Bumper stickers – “Health care for people not for profit”
“Occupy SC”
Welcoming in Outreach and bring following. Retired, semi-retired,
unemployed, people with time
Show up to help other groups – eg. SEIU
Tribal Harmonics in Vancouver B.C.
Farm Workers
February is Black History Month
US Postal Workers

Direct Action
More marches
Banner drops
Stickers (bumper?)
Fun events that draw people in
Fill streets with dance/music/songs
Regular picketing. Move around targets to keep it fresh
Picketing a bank
One day of action
Prepare for a General Strike
Service projects Recruitment and PR events, like big peace concert on
the beach
Occupy Concert
Follow up with bank protests
Picket mini-storage (too much stuff)
Taking over building with planning strategy. Really evaluate actions
– to advance. Lay ground work to advance
Ed Frey’s trio – Valentine’s Day Wedding Party
Movie Night
Arcata Occupy move GA around
Hands across West Cliff
Bike parade
Specific Actions – participatory budgeting

Local sustainability/resilience
A culture of mutuality
Local production
Safe and clean energy as a goal
Start locally then go nationwide
Reduce dependency on oil
Reduce dependence on tourism
Local currency/currency alternatives
Spread direct democracy to city council (town hall meetings?)
Local economy
Proportional representation (Work with OSF)
Community share tools/toys/space
Create plans to use empty spaces and “lobby” owners to do it
Preserve affordable housing committees (eg. Mobile home parks)

Political Action
Repealing Citizens United (workgroup already/abolish corporate
Alternative Economies
Moving local government money into local banks.
More people out to vote (UC/Cabrillo has large number of people)
Send ideas relentlessly to government and institutions
Occupy your vote: in your own way, so that it does not create division
in this movement.
Government to allow people to get involved in what they’re
interested in
Get out and vote
Proportional Representation
Welcome supporters of “all” candidates – Obama and others
. Focus on policies to get changed rather than candidates (like COPA).
Go to their candidate forums
Attend all events by candidates and ask policy questions then educate
Nato/G8 conference in May

How to work through the “Occupy Process” (non-heirarchical,
non-issue, cooperative) and keep it alive.
Consensus – Where does it work & where it doesn’t
Regular check-ins. Where are we? Where are we going? How do we get
Consistency with meetings – successful
Non critical – debrief after action. Important to get more effective
actions in future
Autonomous actions effect entire group. Take to GA

Focus on wealth distribution
Pull back the veil of ignorance
Control our future
Occupy movement may polarize without openness
Figure out ways to make conflicting and competing ideas to coexist.
Have goals and objectives
Continue to keep the message going out about the lack of fairness in
the economy
Continue addressing that homelessness is a crime
Is there a way to do this without breaking existing laws?
Global impacts of American greed is vital
99% includes solidarity with the whole world
Nonviolence in our talk
Be aware of how we are being seen by the community.
Economic Inequality
Solidarity with disenfranchised around the cold
Break down barriers so we can all work together (e.g. trends as a
Help generate dialogue and action
Use resources better (S.C. DVD)
Learn from History
How to create a Revolution
Deal with corporate dictatorship
Create Jobs
Higher purpose/consciousness. Not just complaining/protesting, but
save planet/sustainability
Turn mirror (show what is) into window (show what can be, vision) then
door (others/us can walk through)
Not just me, but us
Focus on income inequality, population immobility
Take responsibility for personal life – sustainable
Visibility is important
Continue to show up!
Work togther, watch each others’ backs
Internet Portal
Reform Media Group

Additional Working Groups
Constitutional Rights
Immigrant Rights
Wireless Technologies
Healthcare for All
Education for All
Green Working Group
Anti-Keystone Pipeline/Tar Sands (Environmental WG?)
Vets for Peace
Occupy Energy

Foreclosure laws
Using local “urban blight” laws to make banks pay $500-5k/day

Teach Ins
Occupy Related Free Skool classes
Deconstruct name “Occupy”
What’s happening in Santa Cruz?
Learn from History
Educate populace (e.g. Move Your Money)
Nonviolent Direct Action training
Educating youth for more than employment

Garden at Occupy house. Work with Transition SC. Advertise to
Guerilla gardening. Spreads out enforcement
Edible School yards
Community Garden

Wireless technology (cell phone, smart meters)

– Stop war on homeless. Make peace. We’re all victims in this war.
Even if we don’t see it.
Give people freedom to solve their problems
The homeless are not getting services they need
The homeless are us
Fulfill food, clothing, shelter needs. Globally and locally
Prison system is part of the war on homeless
Allow/encourage homeless to form their own community and kitchens in
the parks
Almost 40% of Santa Cruz budget goes to Police/cop harassment of
homeless people. Business community
Protest homelessness regardless

Immigrants Rights
The undocumented are us
Prison system is part of the war on undocumented
racism, justice issues in immigration, institutions, recognizing

Abolish Corporate Personhood
Big money control of politics is a big problem

End the Wars
– Stop fighting the world. Stop the wars.

– Repair school curriculum