Halloween Party WG Notes continued

October 24, 2012 admin Working Group NotesComments Off

Hi again,

I have hand-lettered artwork for a flyer but I didn’t get to the copy place today. I don’t know how many we need. F. offered to invite folks at the drum circle next Wednesday. If anyone else can distribute flyers, please tell me how many you can use and when you need them. Also, folks can promote the event online. It would be great if one of the team would create a facebook event page (see proposed text below). If no one else steps forward I’ll do an indybay calendar item tomorrow, but that may not represent our collective best effort because I can’t attach a cool flyer (my tools are old-fashioned, not up to date software).

Robert offered to assist creating the message flyer for “END THE CURFEW” and Linda, Isaac, the SC-11, and “Occupy Education” — the flyer we plan to share with passersby on Halloween and table with on Nov. 2 downtown.

Here’s my text:

(less is more 😉 –

Drum, dance.



Pacific Ave.

7 PM to Midnight

Drum your rage. Dance your joy. Speak out. Feel good.

Bring your political messages on flyers, banners, or cardboard signs.