General Assembly, November 27, 2011

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This Sunday afternoon in the park, we discussed: foreclosures, the social atmosphere of the Occudome, canvassaing downtown, the future of OSC, conducting surveys, and more. We also consensed to adopt a localized version of the Statement of Autonomy from the NYC GA.

Inspirational Minute: In the newsletter of the Unitarian Fellowship there is s nice story about how the Christmas service will include supportive explanation of how the #OWS Movement is supporting peace.


* Monday night 6-8 Unitarian Fellowship Church will hold a potluck and Progressive meeting.
* Tonight the City of L.A. is to shut down Occupy LA. Call the Mayor of LA to show your support for the Occupiers – (213) 978-0600
* On Monday Occupy Philadelphia is also to besieged by the police.
* Out of All the Occupy Camps, let’s make this one the last!
* A Representative of is here and would like to us to know that there is news of a Coordinated effort by Government to shut down the Occupy movement. Mass call of 18 Cities reported.
* Be aware/ beware of the PERF site, where police agencies “connect” and “share” their “info” :P


Foreclosure working group would like for tomorrow to have agenda for Letter to the County Supervisors to request that they issue a moratorium on foreclosures in Santa Cruz County. We are looking for an up or down vote.
*point of Info: The County B. of Supervisors have no authority to stop foreclosures. Letter should ask that they (Supes) ask the State Legislature to do so.

Just like to say Thank You to everyone. You don’t realize how much support there is here until you leave here. My homelessness is due to the economic situation. Quote from John Lennon’s Only People: “Well a million heads are better than one.”

Working Groups:

Inreach: No attendance at the meeting yesterday. Security is watching out for camp now. The Kitchen is being used and is in need of help etc. Talk to Lance from for the list of sizes and needs / to give them. There has also been a large tent put up for the specific use of women and queer folk.

Tactics: No

Process: Meeting yesterday. Everyone please note that the Saturday General Assembly has been moved to 2 PM to increase attendance and visibility.

Infrastructure: There is a renewed interest in getting power Streetside for the General Assembly. Small generator needed?

Sanitation: Working better when campers help. Needs = More trash cans, gloves, masks, and trash pick-up-sticks.

Media: Working on having surveys on the website as well as personal questioners on the street. An example of a survey question to be asked = What specific problems are you having with your bank?

Outreach: 6 people met to make a list of #OWS/ OSC supportive Unions, groups and Churches. We would like to send some support to the UCSC rally in support of UCDavis. There will be shuttles going up to campus from Occupy Santa Cruz. Meeting after today’s G.A.

Legal: New Phone and phone # : (831) 466- 6078
Also talking to location people for alternate locations in case of emergency. Reminder of the Jan. 3rd date of the City’s motion to bring the case back from the Federal level. Discussion on the signs at Occupy Santa Cruz (and LA) stating new times of park closure / bringing up possibility of trespassing charges against Occupiers.

Medical: There was a training for the care of drug addict(s) being helped by the people of Occupy Santa Cruz by the Needle Exchange Program. OD happened and no one knew what to do. Teams needed for training and to staff medical tent.

Speakers: High schoolers will form a group to talk to younger children about the Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) Movement.

Art/Music: Great Time on Friday but no news.

Intercommunications: No

Food: Need donated food and hot meals. Help of money or food is great. Mon/ Tues/ Wed 6 pm hot meal seems to be covered.

City / County Liaison Group: Monday meeting – 4 PM Pre-meeting/ 4:30 Meeting. Tuesday 2 PM

Agenda Items:

Dome Atmosphere:

Negative energy and fights taking over dome, would like it to be a positive working community space. Open to discuss how that can happen?

1) People are sleeping in the dome and yelling at others to shut up when they attempt to discuss anything in the dome. People should sleep somewhere else unless it is raining. I don’t want to see someone get in a fight over it.

2) How do you plan on enforcing that? Are there sleeping rules?
A: Signs and general guidelines to be applied evenly.

3) On Friday a guy got naked and played with the books. We handled it together and got through it.
4) There was an incident involving propane and matches. This lame behavior lowers the standards.
5) The dome is multipurpose. I know how cold it gets out here, and it seems compassionate to let people sleep there. This is a dynamic group and sometimes sparks fly.
A: Well I am just asking that they not do it in the dome.
6) I am from Occupy Oakland and we had the same issue. What happened is that we got 2-4 people to take responsibility for the communal space’s “energy.” Signs are useful but not everyone cares to take heed of them. If you step into already heated situations it can be risky.
7) This is a great start even if it is not the only solution. I think it would help.
8 ) I had to move the medical supplies that were in the dome because of thievery.
9) Dome needs coffee, propane and water.

Friendly Amendment: During the daytime it is a community space not for sleeping or fighting.

Vote: Consensus! (Passed)

Downtown OSC Table:

To facilitate contact, I am going to sit at a table downtown with purpose of exposure/ interaction and information giving. Materials to give to public. Need people willing to sit at table during shifts.

Next Phase of Occupy Santa Cruz:

We should have a full package of plans and actions for the future of our movement to ensure the continuance of it. We should plan on continuing General Assembly if the camp is forcibly removed.

1) Do more outreach to supportive organizations. Keep the movement going.
2) Are you suggesting this be in leiu of occupying another area?
A: No

3) We can continue to Occupy foreclosed / foreclosure properties. Use the working groups to keep the actions going.
4) The foreclosures team from Occupy Atlanta helped a policeman save his home in foreclosure after a request for help from his wife.


Online and in person – thoughts and question ideas? Such as 1) Why do you support the OWS movement?

1) Surveys are impersonal. Talk to campers personally.
2) Love the idea but also check the ideas and opinions (survey) the Occupiers as well.
3) Ask what information we can aid people with and try to incorporate inclusive ways of surveys- not just online because many do not have access.
4) Unbiased surveys – Asking why you support OWS assumes they do, does not allow real choices.
5) Anyone who has experience in poll taking / surveys can help.
6) Who is our sample? The people at Occupy or the people “on the street?” We should also gain some demographic information to include.
7) Michael Moore has done bullets points for Occupy. We need to come up with a National plan of Action.
8 ) I would like to see one for the different groups at Occupy.
9) There is to be an Occupy Telephone Conference that I heard of.

Occupy Wall Street Statement of Autonomy:

This is the people’s movement and is autonomous of outside forces and representation. See to Read the OWS version. Letter Read.

Vote: Consensus! (Passed)

(Now it moves to Media working group to modify for OSC use)


1) No smoking during G.A.
2) I heard on a progressive radio show this morning that they love the OWS movemet.
3) Wed. action 2 PM Capitola Mall
4) Surf City Sounds Plus needs help on internet radio station.
5) The People’s Radio 6-8 PM Sundays on
Phone Numbers: (831) 427-3772 and (831) 469- 3119
6) Personal manifesto on #OWS passed out
7) Santa Cruz Peace Chorale sings for us today!
8 ) Locale and legal working groups meet now.
9) Solar panel on the dome, just needs a Battery!
10) Occupy Supply is meeting now in donation tent.
11) Does one have to be an Occupier to get help?