General Assembly, November 20, 2011

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A young occupier draws a sign at the Arts & Crafts booth at our Building our Community event on the 19th

47th GA notes

Inspirational Minute:
Michael reads from “Joy of Working”


-President of SCIU was arrested in a demonstration at SF.
-Demonstrators shut down BofA in SF; some OCSers were there.
-Local media coming down hard on OCS. Claimed that OCS was responsible
for 200lbs of human feces found behind the Vets Hall. Sherrifs office
put out a statement that outlined issues with OCS including
“anti-social behaviors” such as poor sanitation, problems with drug
and alcohol abuse and, incidences of violence. Claiming 80-90
calls/incidents since the beginning of October.
-Police at UC Davis responsible for the pepper spraying have been
-Charleston and Charlet South Carolina Occupys say “Hey-o”.
-Tahrir square in Cairo attacked by police and military gunfire. The
GA observed a moment of silence.

Urgent Announcements: NONE

Working Group Report-backs:

Camp: NONE

-Campers urgently need the following: tents, sleeping bags, gloves,
socks, and tarps.

-There’s a Black Friday event in the works. Stay posted.
-Holiday season radical cheerleaders.
-If you’re interested in these events or setting up others meetings
4:30pm daily at the courthouse

Process: NONE

-Need 6 more sand-bags for the dome.

Facilitator training: NONE

Media: NONE

-Going to UCSC occupy to exchange ideas, 7pm Kresge room 159
-Started to have outreach meeting in public spaces. The last one on
Pacific went rather smoothly and got some positive attention.

-Spoke with the two UCSC students arrested and assaulted by the county
sheriff a few mornings ago, doing what they can.
-Hoping that the injunction will stay in federal court. The city Atty.
hasn’t filed their response yet.
-Announced a forclosed home auction happening at the Coconut Grove
ball room November 23rd at 1pm.

-An EMT guidebook and blood pressure get-up was donated.
-We’re tear-gas ready.
-Working on having an additional meeting on Fridays at 2pm at the
-Rumors of ringworm and scabies in the media are unfounded. No cases
have been observed by medical volunteers or reported by campers.

Treasury: NONE

-Alternatives are in the works.

Speakers (?not sure if that’s right, having a hard time reading my
handwriting?): NONE

Peace Keepers: NONE

Art & Music:
-Great party yesterday! Many thanks for all of the help!

Intercommunications: NONE

Sanitation: NONE

City OSC Liason:
-Asked for a person to set up a meeting with county people, such as
Sheriff Wowak.
-Meeting with Don Lane at 4pm Monday at the courthouse.

-Meeting after GA

Agenda Items

Using the Resource Center for Non-violence for rainy GA’s?

We’ll look into it based on a pretty favorable straw pole.

Camp Issues:

Concerns about serious acts of violence such as physical
assaults and thefts from tents and of bikes. Unsafe atmosphere in camp
may be driven by substance abuse. Worries about the general safety of

Many members of the security team and kitchen crew have moved on
leaving these positions empty. There was a proposal to regroup. Need
folks to step-up to these positions, need to cook food and provide

-Discussing the idea that we need to tighten up, re-group, and

Many think it’s an exellent idea.

Puddle in the middle of camp.

Police have been called by campers on campers.

Occpuy LA has similar problems, some reashurance from a visitor from
down there.

Subtle diplomacy can go a long way.

Group to figure out how to re-group. CONCENSED

COSCO card

requested in order to buy socks in bulk:

COSCO card found!

Present OSC to InterLight Ministries.

Purpose to send a team to ILM to talk about OSC: CONCENSED


-Candy needs help with the following: interpreters, legal, state
government. Candy is a victem of double dental assault. If you can
help contact Candy at 831-426-xxxx.

-Dave needs a daytime dog-sitter for a very sweet and playful stray
that he found near the highway. If you can help contact Dave at
831-212-xxxx (text is best)

-There’s a great article about Occupy in Yes magazine.

-Show on Friday November 25th.

– Some Freeskool classes happening at OSC: Dec 10th Social Scenes to
Social Change, Dec 11th Anarchy and Compassion, Macroeconomics for
radicals date TBD.

-The kitchen has no cooking utensils and needs them asap. If you can
help bring donations to the kitchen.

-Request for sombody to ask the Sentinal to print a retraction on the
article about the scabies and ringworm outbreakes.

-The policy established at a former GA when calling for help one is to
yell “Safety” as loud as is needed. Folks who hear this cry are to
respond by going toward the caller and assessing the situation from