General Assembly, November 18, 2011

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Inside the interplanetary Occudome during general assembly (photo by Alex Darocy)

Inspirational Minute:

Andre sings “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas movie
Keep building community! Keep protesting! More teach-ins! Show that we are here to

Occupation News:

Occupy Radio starting up on the Internet along with phone conferences. Organized by
Bill from OWS.

SEIU Dec 5-9 Occupy Congress. Bus rides may be organized.

Occupy Oakland re-convergence plan activated:
Nov 19th set up camp in lot adjacent to Fox Theatre at 19th & Telegraph, 3 blocks
from Oscar Grant Plaza

OSJ and Occupy Santa Rosa both ask for help in light of OSC’s statement of solidarity

Urgent Announcements:

Candy – been assaulted, disabled, needs legal and medical help, being denied
representation, state hearing tomorrow

Mondex, creator of Master Card is developing combo of lucent and “set”(?)
technology: chip under skin for use in executing financial transactions. Our
consumerism is irrational. As Occupy movement, we need specific reasons why we’re

Working Group Reports:

Tactics – next mtg Sun at 1 pm
Process – metts before & after GA
Infastructure – meets after GA daily
Facilitation – there is a Process/Facilitation group on FB, next training is 11am on
Sun, come if ou want to facilitate, learn more about process, contribute ideas for
making it work better
Outreach – at today’s meeting discussed ways to encourage more ethnic and gender
diversity in OSC through outreach to local groups representing them, coordinating
better with other WGs to get their needs met, possible movie night – “Color of
Fear”, group meets Sundays and Thursdays after GA
Legal – they are helping the man who was arrested(?) for spitting(?) on sheriff’s
car, city is taking a few days to prepare it’s “Notice of Removal”
Medical – meets Fri at 5pm, sharps containers are available, activist first aid
pamphlets are available (including treatment for pepper spray)
City Liason – met today and discussed aversion to having city homeless and other
services at OSC, meeting with vice mayor Don Lane on Monday, arrive at 4 pm to
prepare for that meeting, new attendees requested not to speak at meeting, only to
Arts & Music – entertainment scheduled for 12noon – midnight for tomorrow’s event,
some space for a little DJing, talk to Chris if you want to, sound system upgraded,
invite people to attend on fb event
Intercommunications – Isaac switching with people now, stepping up the work, come
learn to talk to folks
Sanitation – lots of garbage, anyone know someone who can dispose of it?, help
needed for tomorrow’s party
Inreach – Tried to have an all group meeting today but rain interfered, need
blankets, tents, jackets, possible way to connect GA to camp is though providing
these needs, campers have been told to be on best behavior tomorrow as OSC shows its
face to the public, 6 person shelter has been built for people without tents so they
don’t have to sleep in the rain, next mtg 2pm Sunday(? – I must have gotten that
wrong. during GA?)

Agenda Items

Tomorrow’s event:
Roxanne – important for there to be announcements on the mic every hr or 1/2 hr
about OSC, encouraging donations, expressing needs, why we’re here, etc.
What if it rains? – not in forecast
GA tomorrow?
Chris – Music planned all day, we could cut stuff out if needed
Ed? – If people show up for the GA, it will be clear why we’re not having it.
? – Can we move the GA to the back steps?
Candy – We need a day to just have fun and cut loose.
Roxanne – Last rally GA was canceled. Tomorrow is a full day vibes watch
GA cancelled by consensus

Occupy Armband:

Delana – Recap of Wednesday proposal for Armband Campaign to provide way for people
to express their solidarity with Occupy at all times and to bring the movement out
of the encampments and into the streets.
Found on FB new campaign started this week in NYC: “Occupy Armband”
Design is light blue background with stick figures holding hands
Can be worn as an armband, or on a pin, or shoelaces, or a shirt, whatever people want
Don’t think we need to consense on this, more autonomous action, unless anyone wants
to propose that OSC GA gives official support.
Could discuss ideas for promoting it.
Everyone can make their own.
It would be great if people would make some and bring them to intercom so we can
give them out or if people could commit to bringing materials to make them to the
event tomorrow.
No discussion.

County Liaison Group

Gabriella – spoke with lieut. sheriff of admin Craig Wilson, (Sheriff Wowack is the elected sheriff who is accountable to the people, board of supervisors has no control over what sheriffs do), Wilson said it was a reasonable request to get together with county sheriffs if OSC wants

point of info: Roxanne – “city” liaison group supposed to be “community” liaison group
point of info: ? – informed last night that city group is not talking to county

dealing with county is more complex (wider region) should be two groups
city group has its hands full, in favor of 2nd group
15 people ran with the city liaison WG two weeks ago, others weren’t let in, even those who suggested it – be inclusive!
2 groups would allow focus on separate issues
if we do create 2 groups, they should coordinate so message is cohesive
bring idea of second group to agenda at city group
facilitator: stay as 1 group for now
point of process: a lot of people said two groups

Create a second group to communicate with the country with the stipulation that the group coordinate with the city liaison group.

straw poll – < 90%

meetings not publicly announced b/c negotiations are delicate, people in the city group are capable of talking to the county
avoid bureaucracy with too many groups

point of process: can we open up stack?
point of process: straw poll seems to have turned negative

More discussion? < 90%
Next community Liaison group meeting Monday 4 pm to prepare for meeting with Don Lane (at 5pm)
(new attendees at this particular group meeting requested to only listen so group business can stay on track)

New Strategy Working Group Forming:

Ed – need to start figuring out what OSC is going to stand for
read statement from Mitchell – Adbusters has called for spending winter discussing national strategy.
Occupy movement tactics are good, but long term planning is lacking.
need new WG for ideas about what to work on
1st meeting will be held after GA this Sunday

straw poll to discuss: approved, 5 min

living in a digital world, but decisions are being made in an analog world, taking the whole winter is too much time, critical to keep on like beavers
great idea to focus on the “overall”
getting cold during GA’s this diminishes our energy for activism
question: what would the WG be discussing? and what will its effect be on OSC?
answer: do we want policy demands? do we want to change political processes? call for constitutional amendment? transactions tax? more open government? etc. what’s the next step?
we’re not going to get snow here – invite cold weather occupations, have a convention! in SC or LA, we’re a successful occupation, we’ve not been raided
important to take action to provide an outlet for people’s anger
guest from Chicago – biggest criticism of OWS is lack of strategy, that’s the next step
worried about hierarchy (point of process: off topic)
whole system is fucked, more than just a law needs to change

Request to add Agenda item:

Seeking OSC endorsement for a letter/statment to Boycott Black Friday
No consensus
Suggestion to add it to the agenda for Sunday

Occupy Announcements:

talk to ? if interested in finding an indoor space for GA meetings, such as RCNV center across the street
idea from adbusters was to go indoors for strategy discussions

OWS wanting to bring everyone together nationwide – does anyone form SC want to be a liaison for nationwide coordination? Andre volunteers

Invite people to the event tomorrow on facebook – “Building our Community”

Andre is speaking tomorrow (Sat) in promotion of the Occupy movement at the Live Oak Grange where a film on self-governance in eco-villages, “A New We” is being shown 7pm $10, possibly room for another speaker, see Roxanne if interested

Gary shares that he is very grateful for the comfort in coming together with the Occupiers. He’s not living in fear of the cops while we’re together.

Other Announcements:

Marcy – this is her first meeting, she is a victim of country corruption, nation wide group the “Children’s Rights Council” is rigging cases, placing children in abusive homes, and getting kickbacks, it’s set up locally in Calvary Church, Marcy’s child was taken away from her, she’s living a nightmare

Help requested for writing Black Friday Letter/Statement

Anyone know this friendly dog? Can anyone help me dog sit until we find the owners or a home? Accepting donations. See Dave.

Traveling group of Occupiers wanting to Occupy Time’s Square on NYE! Looking for reps from more cities to join the journey. Page on fb: Mobile Occupy Movement On NYE, the revolution *will* be televised!

See Chris to help dial in the amplifier/sound system for tomorrow.

Eric’s first night as facilitator – Great Job!


Facilitator – Eric
Co-facilitator – Gabrielle
Co-co-facilitator – Roxanne
Stack – Mike & ?
Notes – Tom & Delana
Time – ?
Vibes – Candy
Peacekeeper – ?

GA NOTES 11/18/2011 (Set 2)


“Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas, sung by Andre, with
contributions from Gabriella, so great, Thanks Andre!


-New Occupy radio starting, contact Bill Csapo (
or Steve Foreman (831-335-3791)
-SEIU announces Dec 5-9: Occupy Congress
-Occupy San Jose and Occupy Santa Rosa need help, raids imminent


-Candy is disabled and poor, rights were violated, has a state
hearing, needs legal help and medical interpreter
-Creator of Mastercard came up with new technology: Lucent and Set,
chip under skin to buy and sell


(only included report backs)
-Inreach: camp needs blankets, tents, jackets, built shelter for those
without tent
-Legal: trying to help occupier arrested for tampering with a police
care, preparing response to notice of removal
-Medical: Sharps container is available in the camp, please use this
safe needle drop off site, first aid pamphlets at medical tent
-Outreach: plan to encourage participation of colored and different
gender groups, want to address the fact that people might not feel
comfortable entering camp, willing to assist other groups in outreach
needs, discussing movie night
-City Liaison: Don Lane would like to see city homeless and drug
addiction resources offered at camp, WG thought this was not a good
idea, too much what the city wants
-Intercom: please join if interested!
-Sanitation: need garbage picked up! contact Tom


1. Fundraiser 11/19, consensed to cancel GA on 11/19
2. Armbands as a way to show support when not at OSC, design: blue
background with people connected, people could make shirts, hats, etc
3. Regrouping-tabled until proposer present
4. Proposal to have county liaison group, Gabriella talked to Craig
Wilson about arrests and would like to meet with our elected Sheriff
Wowack, Wilson found this to be a reasonable request and offered to
assist in setting up meeting, discussion on the fact that we have a
community liaison group that is currently focused on city issues but
could also work with county, proposal to create new group did NOT PASS
5. Strategy working group has been formed, adbusters called for
spending the winter inside discussing strategy, our tactics are solid,
we need long term planning is the argument, will meet every Sunday at
noon except 11/20 when they will meet after the GA
6. Would like endorsement from OSC for letter on boycotting Black
Friday, no consensus for discussion


-would like OSC to look for indoor space for meeting
-yesterday someone thought we should move indoors, in addition to
focus on strategy
-someone wants to better connect occupies, looking for liaison, Andre
-11/19 at 7pm: Live Oak Grange, Andre will speak the the “New We”
-Marcie, victim of county corruption, daughter was taken, has not been
able to speak in court, lawyers and others rigging cases through
Children’s Rights Council
-Need help presenting letter boycotting Black Friday, from the letter,
“What if the Corporations threw a party and 99% of the guests didn’t
show up? Boycott Black Friday!”
-Dave found a lost dog, needs dogsitter while at school
-Thanks to Erik on his first time as facilitator
-representative from traveling group of occupiers, want to occupy
Times Square on New Years Eve, looking for other representatives,
Global Occupy Movement page on Facebook, “The Revolution will be
-If interested in learning about saudering speakers, etc, talk to