General Assembly Notes for Wed 6Jun2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Dennis E. -GX]]

Inspirational Minute

Ayla cleaned her room.


There will be a national Occupy gathering in Philadelphia from June 30 -July 4. A car caravan will leave SF June 11 making stops along the way. The website is

Urgent Announcements: None

Working Group Reports

Conflict Resolution WG : At the Friday night meeting (6/1) it was decided that the CR WG will meet after each GA to resolve any conflicts that may have arisen. An attempt will be made to reach out to occupiers who are no longer coming to GA or events.

Art WG: Ayla has silkscreen mats etc. She is willing to work with anyone who wants to learn how to do silkscreening. Also interested in doing something with bamboo and having art activities during tent-ins.

River Street Defense WG: Monday 3 PM Subrosa

Direct Action WG: Monday 6 PM at Subrosa.

Agenda Items

1) Occupy Monterey is organizing for an event – Occupy Mark’s House – on July 7. Foreclosure WGs from the vicinity such as SC, SF and Oakland are invited to participate. There will be discussions, potluck, camping, etc. David Solnit from SF will do signage.

Discussion: Should contact the autonomous SC FC WG.

Already done.

2) Need to generate more participation and interest in GAs. Only 8 people in attendance. Need a phone tree and e-mail list to keep people informed of activities and actions. Are the meeting times and places discouraging attendance? Need to re-connect with those no longer attending.

Discussion: Newsletter to keep people informed?

More activities like Tent mobs to get people involved. Have GAs following tent mobs.

Final Announcements

Restoration Circle will be next Wednesday after GA. It was announced that it was to follow today’s GA. That was incorrect.