General Assembly Notes for Wed 13Jun2012

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[[Ed. Note: These notes were submitted by Tom. -GX]]

News / Urgent Announcements

Ryan Coonerty is trying to sell his “Predictive Policing’ software to law enforcement agencies around the nation. Information can be found on OSC’s twitterfeed.

Starting in four or five days, video footage of past OSC events will be available on this website. Other footage is already available at OSC Media.

On July 1st, there will be a benefit for one of the SC11, at India Joze, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Members of the Foreclosure WG were at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Tuesday to urge action on local foreclosures.

Someone from the Food Justice WG was on the radio last night, talking about… food justice.


Whether or not to have a “roving tent mob”, complete with a helium balloon-filled tent, on a string.

“Yes” was the final decision.

Details will be announced.


Restorative Circle meeting tonight, at 7:30.

Occupy Mark’s House Party, July 7th, at Mark’s House.

A Patriotic Flag Burning Event, at Seabright Beach on the 3rd of July. (Did I get that date right?)

A 4th of July party at India Joze house. That’s right … his house.

There will be a discussion panel on Community Television, June 28th, on the issue of the SC11. Those involved will have a chance to participate.

There will be a benefit for Free Radio, this Friday, at the RCNV.