General Assembly Notes for Sun 8Jul2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Leslie. -GX]]

Agenda Items

1. Discussion and Proposal

How shall we use the Occupy Santa Cruz banner and who wants to take responsibility for keeping it?


Banner was used autonomously in Pride parade, which brought out some question as to whether it should or should not be used autonomously, without a consensus process at a GA. Expression of support that it should get to as many things as possible that are in the spirit of occupy.

Expression of idea that banner should be well-used, all the time, at every GA, and respect people’s judgement about other events where we wish to represent ourselves.

Observation that a “core group” comes to GAs and that people might email each other to work out banner logistics.

Expression of desire for it NOT to go to Democratic Party rallies.

Expression of feeling that it would not necessarily be an endorsement of the Democratic Party if the banner were at a Democratic Party rally.

Expression of desire for simple guidelines to be attached to the banner itself, as well as to what Occupy Santa Cruz represents in any other form, on a sign, banner, etc.

Bringing the discussion to a close, proposal that any details of who might wish to keep the banner, or any other thoughts about its use be brought to the next GA.

Consensus decision that someone will keep the banner and bring it to next GA.

2. Discussion, no proposal

Shall Occupy create a forum to discuss the criminalization of Occupy?

Interested parties may contact Robert Norse at (831) 423-4833

3. Discussion, gathering information, no proposal

Occu-Cart bicycle cart with electricity, use of which to create tall signs, have movies, etc. Is there a better night than Friday to show movies? Shall we show short films downtown and have discussion in between with onlookers?

Expression of support for Sunday night (2 people). Will be considered for future planned movie nights.

Expression of desire for a person contact with the cart holder a couple of days before any event where it is planned to be used to work out logistics.

4. Discussion, no proposal

Can we discuss politics of dissent at a GA? Or do we need a separate forum?

Expression of desire for a space where folks can gather and hear one another better than current GA locations, which are noisy and have other distractions.

5. Vote to adjourn. consensus