General Assembly Notes for Sun 6May2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Denica. -GX]]

Urgent News

*Will talk about the new Working Group to be formed around planning block parties to enact change.

*In Monterey a great Occupier, Jimmy, who held vigil at the Colton Hall, ended his own life in a place of his choosing. He was remembered by friends on Sat.


* Save the 11th of May for the Santa Cruz 11!! Event at India Joze on the 11th @ 3pm. Asking $11 donation but no one turned away for lack of funds.

Inspirational Minute

1) Follow the Yellow Brick Road
2) The deaths of the hunger strikers at one point did cause people to finally talk about important issues.
3) Remember that there are people in Egypt being shot and harassed in Tahrir Square still.

Working Group Reports:

75 River St. Defense: The ACLU is working on helping Alex and Bradley. Need more people to sign petition.

Reach In/ Reach Out: Meet at 7 PM at India Joze on Tues.

Discussion/ Agenda Items

Steve to Run for Office Again: Discussion

1) I support this idea, just beware of groups offering you money because they will ask for favors later. We need Occupy represented in government.

2) This is not an Occupy issue.

3) We can talk about anything we want, no discussion is banned.

4) Congrats Steve, are you asking for official support? If not I don’t see a need to discuss other than to say go get em.

5) Let us know more about it.

6) Who is the opposition? – The usual suspects!

Flyers for new GA dates to Increase Participation: Proposal to print up many to give out

1) Cool idea, We need more people.

2) Do we have funds to print flyers?
a) Yes, able to print.

3) Denica will put together flyers and give to Kim, w/ the Working Group times included as well.

Event on June 2nd would like to have an Occupy Booth, Ideas?

1) Use the Occupy Chapel to house the table, having the new GA flyers, working group report times, materials etc. Also a dream wall (large white board) to write contact info, dreams, hopes, draw etc on?

2) We should make a pinata.

3) Have a calendar of the events coming up for Occupy listed at table.

4) Have fun, a festive atmosphere. I will do face painting at the booth.

5) I like the working groups being included in the flyers.

6) Working group to be formed for the June 2nd event – set for next Sunday after GA.

City Block Parties to Teach/ Inform/ Connect : Flyer passed around about idea of block parties being organized as a tool to inform people and increase participation in Occupy and other civic activities.

1) At what point do we stop calling an event an Occupy event? We need this to go thru GA every time if it is going to happen if it is going to be an Occupy event.

2) I get the feeling that this would be more of an autonomous working group event. There seems to be no mention of Occupy in this flyer.

3) I think this sounds nice but how to actually do this with our small group and funds? It doesn’t seem like some of the questions asked are being answered. I do like the idea of one party to get people together though. Can this work?
A) Yes. I’ve tried it in St. Paul and it worked well. We made a plan for y 2 K and got everyone disaster ready. Also helped kick start Occupy the Hood to increase African American interaction.

4) I worked w/ Salinas City council to do block parties and it was very popular. It spawned clean ups and other neighborhood activities.

5) I like the idea. We don’t need to get held up by the Occupy Brand.

6) Block parties are a great idea but I am afraid of the “top down” strat of having the top try and trickle activity down. I asked about the Dems and my question was ducked. If this was an event done by Occupy it would be interesting.

7) If this is real, not a MoveOn event, ok. Watch out for Occupy Burn out!

8 ) I am not into the small GAs anymore, we need more people. This is a good idea to get more people.

9) Who pays for this?
A) Not going to cost anything.
R) I disagree, had a large party for radio station I was on and it was $2,000

10) Transitions Santa Cruz has been trying to do this for years. Isn’t this just the same thing? Have you heard of them, worked w/ them?

11) The Mission Statement of OSC and this flyer are not at all the same. I do not see the same values reflected in this flyer as OSC.

12) Dis honest to not repesent ourselves as Occupiers and I don’t see why we should not be proud of it.

13) Working Group to be formed.

Man asks large questions of do we feel good about Occupy, what have we done, why don’t we do everything for everyone etc. : Discussion

1) On May 1st I saw what I like to call interest in Occupy-light so to speak. People who are interested in actions or on a less in depth level. Lots of potential there.

2) For those of us interested in Democracy/ Occupy etc. there are not leaders but there are teachers. There are different levels of information, interest, activity and even intellect. We can not participate For you. We can show you how to wipe your bum but can’t do it for you.

3) We have only been here for a few months. For those expecting that we change everything that is wrong in that short time, I would say they are being unrealistic. Although I only stepped on the lawn of 75 River, I will turn myself in w/ a group of others just to show solidarity.

4) We had a great protest on Friday for the Santa Cruz 11. TY for the offer of turning yourself in.

5) I think it is a negative for you people to go into the justice system.

The Ron Paul Sign in Front of OccuHouse: Ask to Remove it given our Non-Party stance?

Question of who put it up: Owner did.

Vote: YES

End Announcements

Tues: Hearing for Motion to Dismiss and Selective Enforcement on Alex and Brad.

Tues: Lyrical I in court as well over BS marijuana charges.

Tues: Direct Action meeting 6PM Occuhouse

Tues: Block Party meeting 1PM San Lorenzo Park

Wed: Brent to dump lawyer

Wed: Huff meeting SubRosa 10 am

Friday 11th: India Joze to Support the Santa Cruz 11 – 3pm. $11 suggested donation

My friend and great activist Paul Gershowitz is here.
Assange was offered to come to Tunsia. Commander X aka Chris Doyon has asked for the same in a press release via PLF. <3 Mon: 24/7 Occupation meeting 1PM Occuhouse