General Assembly Notes for Sun 27May2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Mithrell.]]

Inspirational Minute:

With tomorrow being Memorial Day, thinking of GIs and servicepeople. Unfortunately they are sent to do wars of option rather than wars of necessity. Hope that they all come home.

They are the 99%.

Occupy News: none

Urgent Announcements: none

Working Group Reports

Santa Cruz Eleven Support: Meets Monday 3pm SubRosa. Friday June 1st Brent meets with his new attorney. Discovery, preliminary trial to be discussed.

Student Foreclosure WG: Will probably morph into a group focusing on financial crime. Currently working on examining county records to find fraudulent foreclosure documents. Will be providing training on how to do this. Working with Occupy Foreclosure Group and WILPF. Will continue on through Summer. Next meeting: Thursday 9pm McHenry Library Lobby.

Legal: Hearing June 14th from Peace Camp 2010. Right to sleep case. 4pm Thursday Department 5. Go for more info.

Strategy: meetings suspended for time being. No more meetings 12pm west courthouse steps.

Direct Action: meets Monday 6pm SubRosa and is looking for new members.

Occupy 24/7: meets Monday 1pm SubRosa.

Proposed Agenda Items

-Discussion of Media WG (or lack thereof).

-Discussion of re-occupation and forming working group to focus on re-occupation. Points of information: already exists. Occupy 24/7 working group meets Mondays 1pm SubRosa. Agenda item withdrawn.

-Discussion of Conflict Resolution group within Occupy Santa Cruz.


Discussion of Media working group (or lack thereof).

-Comment on OSC website problematic.

-Member of media wg states that media is looking for content. Anyone can join media team, will give passwords.

-GA notes were edited. Against political editing. Clarifying question: What is political editing? A: Political opinion taken out of notes.

-Was on media, but not now. Will leave it up to general assembly.

Clarification: We are talking about OSC site, not Facebook page(s).

-Suggestion of YouTube videos from GA.

-Suggestion to make zine.

Will meet after GA to discuss media.

Proposal: No negative information about our group on OSC.

-People have different definitions of negative. Proposal withdrawn.

-Who has host admin? A: (Three people named).

-Reality sometimes is negative.

-Proposal: Remove specific offensive comment from website. -not passed.

-Concerns that we need to establish a rule to say that the comment violates it.

-Proposal: No personal attacks, no editorial comments about individuals.

Friendly amendment: Administrators cannot make negative comments about members of Occupy on the website. -passed

Conflict resolution working group

-Suggestion to meet today after GA.

-Point of information: people already meeting about media wg today after GA.

-Conflict Resolution working group will meet Wed after the GA.


Film on Maya at RCNV tonight 7pm.

9am Monday/tomorrow Occupy Chapel will be setting up across from Jamba Juice.

“Active Collaborative Education” will be setting up a discussion space (not a space for planning actions). Looking for people interested in teaching. Can be skill share, like knitting or seed bombing. Meets 1st and 4th Friday of month 2pm base of campus and 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month at RCNV 6-9pm.