General Assembly Notes for Sun 24Jun2012

June 25, 2012 admin General AssemblyComments Off

[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Leslie. -GX]]


1. proposal to bring signs to county bldg in solidarity with occupiers going to State Capitol

Unanimous support.

Meet at 11:30 AM 6/25

2. proposal to outreach to allies regarding restoration of public use of public space


Oppose closure by administrative fiat public spaces. County courthouse after 7pm, City Hall at night, library grounds at night, city parking lots/structures, levee, beaches. Occupy Santa Cruz urges our allies to act in concert to demand the same.

3. Local human rights events calendar.

4. Budget hearings Discussion

Suggestion to call your supervisor tomorrow 6/25, support reinstatement of human care budget and balance by a reduction in criminal prosecution budget.

recommended reading The Localization Reader, de Young, Raymond & Thomas Princen, eds., MIT Press, 2012.