General Assembly Notes for Sun 22Apr2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Mithrell. -GX]]

Agenda Items:
-Occupy Tables
-GA frequency
-May 1st
-Traffic Helpers
-Wells Fargo Action

Occupy News

Julian Assange, who has been in house detention for 500 days, has released 12 episodes of interviews. These are available online and through RT.

Vermont passed a resolution 90-4 saying that corporations are not people and that money is property not speech. Part of the ongoing effort to undo “Citizens United.”

Citibank shareholders have sued over excessive payments to CEO. Shareholders can refuse CEO salaries as part of Dodd-Frank. Originally it was thought that nothing would come of this, but these shareholders have sued.

Brazil Oil Spill: Brazil had an oil spill much smaller than the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In Brazil, passports have been taken away from U.S. executives connected with the spill, and they are being prosecuted by the Brazilian government.

OWS sleeping on the street on Wall St. They were kicked out Friday morning. Prior to that, they had been relying on a 2000 New York State Supreme Court decision affirming street sleeping as political protest to be protected speech.

Friday 4/20 Isaac was arrested at UCSC for selling marijuana. He is facing felony charges. This is the first felony arrest at UCSC meadow in 5 years. He is being held on $5000 bail but an attorney could get in to see him. He will appear in court Wed 8:15am.

Working Group Reports

Foreclosure: Ken Foster accepted a short sale and the escrow has closed. The difference between the amount Ken owed and the sale price was only $50,000. He has until the end of May to leave his home. The couple that bought it is interested in permaculture, and has expressed a desire to continue it as a permaculture property.

Members of Foreclosure WG attended Judges’ Forum sponsored by “Santa Cruz Neighbors.” The judges told them, “Well, you have to change the laws.” The Sheriff said the same thing when they met with him. Board of Supervisors meetings 5/8, 5/15, 5/22 at 9am. All encouraged to attend. We do have the support of WILPF. Their meeting is 5/15 7pm Quaker Meeting Hall. Cities/counties have already passed ordinances requiring foreclosure filers to have the “authority” to do so (meaning they must show they own the house with non-forged documents). No foreclosure meeting this week and possibly not next week. Communicating via e-mail at this time.

Reach-in Reach-out: Has created an interfaith chapel. Will carry around on May 1st. They will be building it this Tues at 7:45 pm at someone’s house. Contact Abbi for address.

Santa Cruz Eleven Support: Meeting tomorrow 11:45am El Salvador Restaurant by Jury Room on Ocean St. Four pre-lims tomorrow: Grant, Cameron, Ed, Angel 1:30pm Dept. 6

24/7 Occupy WG: First meeting tomorrow 12 noon Occupy House

Direct Action: 6pm Wed Occupy House. Going to SF for Wells Fargo shareholders meeting action Tues 4/24.

Legal: Ed accused of contempt of court during Gary Johnson’s trial for not wearing a tie. Ed now has a public defender and a continuance. Two cases with City of Santa Cruz. Looking for anyone who feels a sense of urgency to continue cases. Steve continuing his part of litigation on his own.

Strategy: Sun at noon west steps of courthouse.

Movie Night working group: Will be showing Wall St. (original 80s version) Wed 4/25 west courthouse steps. That may be changed to Wed 5/2 due to conflict with Food Justice Working group film / fundraiser and possibility of rain.

May 1st Organizing: Meeting currently combined with Direct Action. Wed 6pm Occupy House. Have item on today’s agenda. Will continue report back then.


Occupy Tables:
Where are they?
Many at Occupy house. Will talk to Bob.

GA Frequency
GAs are currently Tue, Thur 6pm courthouse steps and Sat, Sun 2pm post office. Discussion of possibility of fewer GAs. Proposal for 2 GAs a week: Sun and some weekday. Suggestion to bring working groups back into GA. Suggestion of Sat, Sun, Wed and text tree. Suggestion to try to get a person from each working group to give a report if we only have 2 GAs per week. Support for Sun and one weekday (Tue, Wed or Thur).
Consensus for Sunday.
Some people expressed that they cannot go on Thursday. Thursday eliminated. Support for Tues or Wed. Show of thumbs for Tues or Wed. Wednesday with slightly more support. Test for consensus on Wed.


New schedule begins May 1st. GAs will be Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun for this week. No GA May 1st. First Wed GA on May 2nd.

May 1st
Several members of OSC attended a meeting Thurday night about May 1st activities. Meeting included unions, community members, student organizer. Labor organizers are holding a rally at 5:30 pm in front of the post office (which has a permit). Students are holding activities on campus, then marching to the post office to meet with labor rally. No permit for student march. Students meet 7pm tomorrow Kresge Student Lounge. Request for suggestions/comments on May 1st activities. Proposal that OSC officially endorse student march and labor rally.

May 1st Traffic Helper
There was a discussion of the role of monitors at Thursday’s May 1st planning meeting. Members of OSC expressed unhappiness with monitors at March 11th march, dislike of being told what to do, “because I said so” attitude. Unions / community members were going to have monitors at May 1st events, but after hearing concerns by Occupiers suggested OSC provide monitors, and only for traffic safety. Does OSC want to do this? yes. (consensus)

Wells Fargo Action
Members of Occupy Santa Cruz going to SF for Wells Fargo action Tues 4/24. Member of Santa Cruz Eleven to speak.

Go to for demands.
Meet directly after GA for carpool arrangements.


Aqua lawn chair left at courthouse steps Tuesday. See Mithrell to reclaim.