General Assembly Notes for Sun 17Jun2012

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[[Ed. Note: These notes were submitted by Mithrell. -GX]]

Urgent Announcements: none

Inspirational Minute:

1. Empty buildings are the crime!

2. There are plans to re-open the Vet’s Hall. Seismic retrofitting will be done to make it earthquake safe.

Proposed Agenda items:

-Up to $100 treasury allocation at one GA.
-Cord purchase reimbursement
-Movie night

Working Group Reports

Legal: Lost in court Thursday. Right to sleep case. Gary Johnson and Ed Frey both got 6 month jail sentences in connection with Peace Camp 2010. Will appeal. Want the government to designate some area for legal sleeping.

SC11 Support: Will meet 3pm SubRosa tomorrow. HUFF trying to coordinate with SC11. Friday, June 22 Becky and Gabriella have a pre-trial readiness conference 8:45am. Pre-trial hearing is Monday June 25th. Issues as to whether the judge can be recused. July 1st event for Desiree 3-6pm at India Joze. D.A. budget hearing Wed 11am County Bldg 5th floor. Thurs one hour SC11 forum on Community TV. In studio 5-9pm Thurs.

Infrastructure: Happy to report imminent disbursement of funding for new inverter. Will put priority on Movie Night and blowing up 50ft balloon tubes.

Direct Action: Will not meet tomorrow at SubRosa. Working on Tent Mob, but this is being done throught the GA. Ad hoc Direct Action meetings after some GAs at which Tent Mob is discussed. Tent Mob is July 6th 4-7pm. Meet at Laurel Park at 4pm for food and community, then proceed downtown around 5;30pm. Is First Friday downtown.

Treasury: Treasury has new member. OSC has $459.60. $496.78 in WePay account, $176.41 in cash. However, several disbursements already consensed on by previous GAs need to be disbursed. Prepared to do so today, bringing treasury total to $459.60. Questions about previous report of $1000 in WePay account. Previous report most likely in error – will work on getting printout of WePay account activity over past several months to bring to GA. Item on agenda today.


Treasury item: GA consensed back in January that allocations of funds from treasury of $50 or more must be consensed on by two GAs. However, this has not been enforced.

Proposal: Raise limit to $100 and actually enforce it. Concerns that $100 is too much. Proposal modified to $50.

Proposal: Treasury allocations up to $50.00 only require consensus of one GA. Allocations of $50.01 and up require the consensus of two GAs.

Results: Consensus

Discussion of establishing quorum for treasury allocations.

Proposal: At least 6 people must be present at a GA in order for that GA to allocate money from treasury.

Results: Consensus

Next item: Occupier requests $37.96 for cord purchase. Is editingOccupy documentary. Needs this cord to continue work on this project, and cannot afford to purchase the cord out of his own pocket. $13 in autonomous donations already given.

Proposal: Allocate $25 from the general fund to pay for this cord.

Results: consensus

Third item: Movie Night

Discussion of what day would be good to have Movie Night. Friday chosen. Will show “Heist” this Friday 6/22 on west courthouse steps at dusk. Facebook events page to be made.


July 3 Seabright Beach 8th Annual Great american Flag Burn at dusk.

July 1st fundraiser for Desiree of SC11 at India Joze 3-6pm.

July 6th Tent Mob 4-7pm Laurel Park behind Louden Nelson.

June 23rd fundraiser for Cuba Caravan is CANCELLED. Occupier who is going to Cuba was able to find the rest of the money needed for the ticket and no longer needs the fundraiser.

Meeting adjourned