General Assembly Notes for Sun 15Jul2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Leslie -GX]]


1. “Free Sale”

Discussion, proposal

Donate usable items such as blankets or clothing to give away as an Occupy action. Collect your own stuff, bring it to GA, and give it away on the Post Office steps.

Consensus on the concept, follow-up will be coordinated at next few GAs, no date set yet, but to be happening within the next few weeks.

2. Banner statement

Continuation of 7/8 discussion, draft statement to be written on back of the OCCUPY SANTA CRUZ banner presented and discussed.


Occupy Santa Cruz is not a brand. It is not owned by a corporation, a person, or any particular grouping of people. It is a direct action tactic and a location. This banner or any evocation of the name, Occupy Santa Cruz, seeks to connect the bearers of the banner to a social movement in the interest of 99% of the people of this country and the world and that is happening in this place. The bearers of the banner will use their own judgement as to what that means for them and act accordingly.

Discussion brought up idea of use of words “collective” (not part of statement) and “tactic” (included), also concern over uses “not authorized by the GA,” preservation the idea of autonomous use of OCCCUPY SANTA CRUZ as a concept, and that anyone could theoretically create a banner with those words on it and use it however they wished.

Statement was accepted by consensus without amendment.

3. Occupy Generator proposal and discussion

Proposal to sell gasoline powered electric generator from occupy camp.

Discussion included feeling that it worked and we might need it in the future, countered by the sense of the holder of the equipment that we have something better now that can be solar powered instead of this, which was inefficient and used gasoline.


Anyone who wishes to help with the process of selling it can contact the keeper of the generator.