General Assembly Notes for Sun 13May2012

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[[Ed Note: These notes were submitted by Denica. -GX]]

Urgent Announcements

* Bradley and Alex go to court on Monday. (update: )
* Robert in court on Friday to ask for video evidence that has been withheld from defense.
* Santa Cruz community vigil for late Shannon Collins who was slain last week, on Monday, May 14, 2012 -6:30 PM at Campbell and Broadway.

Working Group Reports

Foreclosure: Announced event online for Tuesday, discussed later.

75 River Defense: Event on Friday at India Joze raised $325.00 for the defense fund.

Block Parties: Meet at San Lorenzo Park 2PM Mondays

24/7 Occupy: Changing the meeting locations from the former Occuhouse to SubRosa. Seeking location for a 24/7 occupation, meetings etc. Contact Kim.

Direct Action: Meet at SubRosa at 6PM on Tues.

Reach In/ Reach Out: Changing meeting times.

June 2nd: Pending

Agenda Items

Event on Tuesday at Quaker Hall has been listed as an Occupy Santa Cruz event with WILPF and MoveOn. No one informed GA of this event before now, and the name of OSC is being used without permission. Proposed that we remove the name of Occupy Santa Cruz from this event and ask that people respect GA enough to come and not to subvert it.

1) What is on the website isn’t always agreed upon.
Point of Info: This was an invitation and event title online on FaceBook
2) I don’t like that this is a MoveOn event.
3) There was supposed to be a media working group meeting that hasn’t happened, it needs to as there are some deep divisions.
4) I don’t think we should be too concerned. The more Occupy is said in general, the better.
5) We never voted to add our name to this. Remove the name because we are not represented in this Working Group at all.
6) General assembly can take the name off if we want. You can’t trademark the name but it is ours.
7) We should put a statement on the website in accordance to this, that no one should use our name if we do not agree upon it. It is a sign of respect for your peers to come to the GA and present idea/ event if you are going to represent something as Occupy.
8 ) The name doesn’t matter as much to me, the brand. I think that at the Camp we all learned some important things. It would be nice to do some more direct action such as helping homeless on the spot.

Vote: Yes / Passed

24/7 Occupation Ideas: Looking for a place for our community to stay for free for a 24/7 occupation space.

1) Try and buy land to build mud huts on.
2) We do not have the numbers for an outside place. I would look for an inside space, a house maybe that is under foreclosure.
3) The camp is not there, now we need a space for group to work out of.

Occuhouse Owner [[upset]] over [[vandalism of political]] sign

1) [[Owner]] said everyone has to leave and no more meetings there. Sheriffs [[to serve eviction]] on Wed.
2) Do the Occupants of the house have some kind of action they would like to see happen as a whole?
3) It would be interesting if the media went.
4) [[Owner]] doesn’t want help and seems to be [[upset with us]]. I think he needs to stay away and we should part ways in general.
5) This split up is what is supposed to happen.
6) People in the house have their own opinions and ideas. I haven’t heard anything so far that says everyone wants to do one action.

Proposal: Buy two tents and [[occupy Owner’s]] lawn even though he said no.

1) The funds seem wasted on this. B said he doesn’t want to fight and will most likely take it. If not the sheriffs will. We want to save someones home that wants us to and cares.
2) I would hear from the people living in the house.
3) He does not want to hold the house, he even told me this. We can learn from this but no on the tents.
4) Tents not a bad idea but there seems to be no agreement on this. If people staying there agreed it might be worth it.
5) This is a chance to get photos and put up a fight.
6) We don’t want to be aligned w/ him as he doesn’t seem like a good [[candidate]] to help.

Vote: No/ Withdrawn

Brent Needs $32.50 to help with costs related to harassment/ charges of SC11

Vote: Yes

The Bike Cart Needs a new Converter to play movies, lights etc. Cost $75-120

Vote: Yes

General Announcements

* Last date to register to vote for Presidential Election is on May 21st.
* There are lots of people that need help, lets find them instead of what happened.
* Some contacting Foreclosure working group not getting hooked up w/ info – we need them to contact Direct Action.