General Assembly Notes for Sun 10Jun2012

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[[Ed. Note: These notes were submitted by Mithrell. -GX]]

Welcome / Intro / Occupy News

Robert Norse has posted recent legal findings in OWS favor. See Facebook and site for more info.

CCA Lobby in City of Los Angeles. 626 Wilshire in Los Angeles has active occupation nightly.

Tuesday, Ventura City Council will pass resolution to dissolve corporate personhood.

Occupy Road Trip showed films at Guerrilla Drive-In Friday at SubRosa; making a documentary.

Urgent Announcements: none

Working Group Reports

Legal: Two lawsuits City of Santa Cruz v. Occupy are over. The case naming Steve Pleitch personally continues. Thursday 4:00 pm appellate hearing for state-wide lodging ban. Pleitch continues his case July 26th. People of State of California v. Steve Pleitch.

SC11 Support: 3pm Mondays at SubRosa. Meets weekly. There will be a benefit for Desiree on 07-01-12, 3-6pm at India Joze.

More Legal: Occupier wrote letter to the Sentinel that wasn’t printed. She added it to the comments online and is getting comments. Board of Supervisors’ budget hearings 6-20-12 in the AM.

Art and Music: Issac has show 6-16-12 San Lorenzo park. “Lyrical I.”

Foreclosure: Board of Supervisors’ Agenda this Tues will present info presented at last two meetings.

Point of Info: Anti-foreclosure march in Sacramento 6-25-12 10am Capitol west steps.

Direct Action: Cuba Caravan Fundraiser: 6-23-12 3-6pm at India Joze. One of our beloved Occupiers is going to Cuba with Cuba Caravan. Also Tent Mob item on today’s agenda. Person giving report won’t be at tomorrow’s meeting, but it is 6pm SubRosa.

More Legal: Legal has legal briefs posted online at

Occupy Santa Barbara – No Nukes Nowhere Never WG: Wants to shut down nuclear power palnt located on fault line and needs allies – contact OSB regarding upcoming action. No date yet.

Occupy Bohemian Grove: 21st and 24th of June. Actions by other Occupations (SF and Portland).

Food Justice: Food Justice WG and Food Justice Coalition of Santa Cruz participated in 6-02-12 “Spring into Summer” event in Live Oak with booth. Signed up 30-50 people for mailing list. Meets weekly 10am-12pm. 10am meet and greet, meeting at 10:30am.

Treasury: Welcomes Mithrell. Please contact Roxy and make arrangements for money. It’s your responsibility to follow up with Treasury if you need money, not the other way around. Treasury will post next meeting to and Facebook, and include in today’s notes. **Next meeting is Thursday 6pm at India Joze**

Proposed Agenda

-Tent mob
-Food Justice Working Group upcoming action
-8pm protests

Agenda Items

Tent Mob on May 25th was great. Want to do it again in June, need a date and want to open to discussion.

-Location Same, different? Different park? Downtown?

-Tents Wear them? Set up in place? Use helium balloons?

Meeting directly after the GA for people interested in this.

Food Justice Working Group 6-23-12 9am to 5pm Faire. Food Justice Coalition of Santa Cruz will have booth at the garden. Need help at booth and will be doing seed ball demos all day. See Roxy or contact FJWG to participate.

Mobile garden idea: Re-configure shopping cart and plant as garden. Bring to GAs and events. Have schedule for taking care of plants, cart.

8pm protests Montreal Direct Action and civil disobedience. Protesting every night at 8pm against austerity measures by banging on pots and pans. Suggestion to ask Ananda who is / was going door to door to ask people to bang pots at 8pm.


7-03-12 “Ye Old Flag-burn” at Seabright Beach at Sunset.

Juneteenth at Louden Nelson. Celebration 6-16-12 Sat.

Transition San Lorenzo Valley has potluck today at Loch Lomond 4-7:30 pm. needs content.