General Assembly Notes for Occupy Santa Cruz for December 2, 2011

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Quote from OLA vibe check, “We are all beings of Light!” Quote from Einstein, about balance on a bike requiring constant motion, and another about things needing to be simply stated to be understood. And a great quote from the Buddha about returning love for attack.


The march from NYC to DC has been extended 250 miles to Atlanta.

Humbolt Occupy had 120 at Their GA.

Police refused to follow Chase Banks order to evict two women, one 100 the other 80 (Atlanta?)

International conference call for Occupy:

Jesse Jackson spoke at Phoenix Occupy describing Occupy as “a spirit that cannot be jailed”

Working Group Reports

Legal-Ed Fry states the “counter claim was filed yesterday’.

Camp-The Police came to camp to capture a dog that attacked and bit a woman,  requests that no one put trash in the porta’s.

Inreach-The clothing and bedding request for the 150 Campers is now being filled. A suggestion from Lane was to make OSC a non-profit a “new county service center”

Sanitation- Ernesto’s moved truck needs a replacement vehicle to keep the parking space open for the porta.

Food-Jean will continue to supply food for 50 at the GA’s. There is a missing stove belonging to India Joze, needs returning-no questions asked. Also, Jean
named several institutions where Camp folk can get hot meals around town. Camp kitchen is being rebuilt.

Location- Wants a small office. They meet at 3:30 at GA (missed day)

Out Reach- Meets Saturdays at 10am

Media- Please submit working group notes to the web site.

Infrastructure-Wind damage cleanup with missing and broken items, they need help.

Strategy- Spoke about goals and focus

Speakers Bureau -Next meeting 10am Saturday to discuss outreach to local colleges and High Schools

Medical-Medical tent blew away but the California Nurses Association is donating one with side wall.

Announcements- New “interoccupy” conference call for the west coast, run like any GA only using number buttons to signify response. Current planning for the December 12th ports occupation. Contact; also check out sharedgovernments,


Statement to the press concerning 75 Water Street

– GA folks expressed confusion about OEverything not being in consensus with OSC. The statement was read and brought much friendly reaction, some as follows, “There was no advanced knowledge of OE intent,” “We do not wish to say OSC is ok with this,” “use better language, be more direct, truthful and actual.” The working group took these suggestions, recessed and re-worked the statement. Others spoke of the worry the Camp feels for its safety at
this point. Concern with alienating the local unions and soon to be mayor Lane, who up till now have been friendly towards OSC and are not so friendly since the OE action. When they returned and read, it was necessary to stack again due to block, who felt the statement was “weak” and needed an affirmative tone stating OSC called for a gathering of all disparate groups (OSC, Lane, Unions, OE) to discuss the wisdom of such an action. Consensus was finally obtained.


Human Rights Parade on Saturday the 3rd benefit for Linda Lamaster at India Joze restaurant on Sunday at 4:30pm.

Concerns with Occupy related Facebook scams, suggestion to watch out who you link to.

An ad hoc meeting planned for Sunday after GA with Media folk invited.

Info from a second set of notes will be posted when they are received.