General Assembly notes for December 19th

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General Assembly met on the upper courthouse steps; Sheriffs did not ask the group to leave per 7 PM curfew.

Occupy Atlanta helped prevent home foreclosure on an Iraq War veteran.

“Commander X” will have a press conference about Occupy and other topics at the courthouse steps following his 647e lodging hearing at 9 AM.

Working Group reports

City Liaison: Mayor Don Lane is creating a draft resolution re Occupy for City Council. The city police had set up the no parking zone in front of the courthouse at the request of county. The county is liable for safety issues stemming from inappropriate fencing around the courthouse. Homelessness will be a primary focus for the new Mayor. An OSC member has volunteered to help coordinate resources. Group will reconvene in the new year.

Media: Requested web site posts and press release done. Please add meetings and events to the holiday calendar thread on the web site.

Treasury: All transactions are now logged with two sets of initials.

Food: On sabbatical. India Joze is running an Occupy Special for working groups that meet there, including some half price items.

Foreclosure: 3 homeowners may be involved in upcoming Occupy actions.

Location: Several possibilities are forming for indoor working group meetings and possibly General Assembly gatherings.

Legal: Attempting to negotiate with Supervisors before litigating curfew.

Outreach: Tabling downtown near O’Neill’s. Next meeting Friday at 5 PM. Building a database of union and other organization contacts. Please add.

Music: Radical caroling lyrics to be posted.


Two Media working group members were approved for sysadmin access to the web site.

There was a discussion around courthouse presence over the holidays. Individuals have volunteered to picket and man the info table parts of the day; more needed, so come down when you can. The community misses us.

Pros and cons of 90% consensus process were discussed. Regardless of group vote, individuals still make their own decisions.