General Assembly January 4

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1) Today a person was recess appointed to Consumer Protection Bureau
by Obama-republicans pissed
2) Multiple cities & CA state creating resolutions against corp.
personhood & citizens united
3) NDAA – Sen. Diane Feinstein proposing legislation to ammend act
bill – due process guarantee act.
4) Occupy Monterey extended permit through 20th w/ appt on 17th w/
city councils to extend.


1) Street theater and radio theater occupy the airwaves baby!
2) Forclosures – helping ppl w/ housing facing foreclosure and
auction. Letters to county supervisors to seek to minimize
foreclosures and to sheriffs to minimize evictions. A letter to city
council as well.
3) Outreach – meet thurs. and sunday after GA. Climate Action Plan in
one week (Wed) at People Power. Be good to get some outreach there.
Meeting with the local Methyl Iodide resistance.
4) Process – relaunching facilitation schedule – see Craig. Ad hoc
facilitation training available (Sunday at 1pm)
5) infrastructure – needs new inverter?
6) Legal – organizing meetings with county officials
7) Robert Norse radio interview with May done lane tomorrow night at
6:15 pm on free radio 101.3 any question? see Ed Frey or Robert Norse
8) Strategy – Sunday at 12pm


1)GA Frequency and Mobility: a) our foreclosure team is successful
because meeting @ time when ppl can attend indoors – these ppl not
coming to GA
b) live stream of OWS GA @ grand central station w/ action to make a
c) until this point our GA has been under tyranny of minority (?)
Because they’re many ppl who can’t/won’t be here 7 days a week
decisions are made without everyone–going against our democratic
purpose. Mobility – value in holding GA’s at a different, visible
place. Can’t come every night, so I don’t come at all. 3/4 nights for
GA decision making. Other nights “open forum”. Indoors when it rains.
Give everyday attendees some free time (“real life”). Defer vote till
sunday? Announced proposal – MWF SS decision making GA’s. TTH for open
forum/something different. Mobility – weekly schedule w/ other places.
Ppl know its at the courthouse so, organized mobile schedule? Schedule
depending on weather forecast. Possible locations – USPO (has posted
7pm closure time), RCNV (rain) indoors, Louden Nelson (don’t have to
pay if fundraiser), The grange, Costco parking lot, Octogon (museum),
Oneills, meet in circle, 418 indoors, foreclosure houses, quaker
center. **Working Group created to figure this out. **


1) Meditation meeting to do outreach and meditate. Plan months in
advance. After GA at 7:45
2) Casey sent email to Sandino (RCNV) for an alternate time for Occupy
2012 meeting that was scheduled for 11pm sunday
3) Bettina Aptheker is First Amendment fighter. Perhaps an event to
support our First Amendment rights?
4) SEIU w/ foreclosure registry ordinance – working with OSC
5) Look at to repeal corporate personhood.