General Assembly January 3

January 4, 2011 admin General AssemblyComments Off

Back in full swing after holiday lull.Working Group Reports

Legal: In Federal court today. We have another week to submit additional documentation.

Infrastructure: Nifty bike cart projection system.

Theatre: Tent needed. Coming: money debt history skits.

Foreclosure: Occupy Mission Street is underway.

Meditation: 7:45 @ India Joze.

Food: Regrouping.

DC: Group going 17th thru 20th.

Treasury: 5:30 Thursdays.

Outreach: Regrouping to resume tabling and other activities.


Consensed: Move inspirational moment to after News.

2012 brainstorm session postponed to avoid conflict with other events, confirming new time/location.


National General Strike planned for May.

Occupier portraits! Other artists encouraged to participate.

Interfaith church service being planned.

Smithsonian is collecting Occupy materials.

Occupy Santa Cruz represented at the Rose Bowl parade.