General Assembly Jan 8

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Circular GA with a yarn web. (You had to be there…)


Oakland “F*** The Police” march last night. Group of senior ladies shut down an SF bank. Excelsior action close 4 banks.

Working Groups

Treasury: Food budget is available; provide receipts for reimbursement. Some funds given to DC group.

Outreach: Upcoming 99% OSC events at RCNV: Jan 18, Jan 25.

Legal: Courthouse step curfew to be revised.

Jail solidarity: WG formed. Possible action today.

Facilitation: Training on demand. Ask any experienced facilitator.

Meditation: Reaching out to spiritual community. Weds 7:45pm @ India Joze.

Strategy: Sundays 12pm. Seeking solutions for all per OSC mission statement.

Foreclosure: Contacting loan officers for loan modifications.


GA Frequency – Consensed – GA now Tue/Thurs 6pm and Sat/Sun 2pm. MWF = soapbox discussion, working groups, etc.

GA Location – Consensed – Sunday GA will meet at courthouse steps then march to US Post Office downtown for meeting.

Outreach event – 99% Community Event @ RCNV Weds Jan 18 @ 6pm. Community groups and Occupiers being invited to build shared vision, strategize.

Discussion of signs for DC trip. Facebook group will be consulted.

Discussion of use of treasury funds for DC trip.

Discussion of Gary in jail for sleeping on courthouse bench.


Letter being sent to Chief Vogel re slanderous accusations w/photos of 75 River action.

Occupy Sac event re Single Payer Health Care in conjunction with LA.

Monday: UCSC GA rebooting @ 7pm at Kresge Hall room 159.

Radio skits @ HUFF.

Tuesday 2pm – City council meeting re lawsuits.

Tuesday GA will have a proposal re signage.

Process working group will meet Tues/Thurs 5pm and after GA on Sat/Sun – has its own Facebook group.