General Assembly Jan 7

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Occupy News:

1) Police said that no permit was given to the Occupiers at the Rose Bowl. Held a 70 ft. Constitution and tried to get into parade w/ an OccuPuss but was denied due to it not being made from plant matter.

2) Gary Johnson was arrested last night Again after Sleeping on a bench in front of the court house. (647E Lodging)

3) Bank action held today at Chase Bank to protest foreclosures and to free Telsa’s energy.

4) Dick Cordray appointed by President Obama.

5) Fundraiser tonight 6 PM for the DC working group.

6) Some cases are not being prosecuted due to lack of community support.

Working Groups:

Legal: Will file brief in Fed court Tuesday.

Strategy: Noon meeting Sunday

Foreclosures: Met w/ John Leopold about letter to look at cases on an individual basis. Might redo letter later. Some Sheriffs have decided not to enforce the evictions.

Occupy Mission St: Cleaned back yard of property and got house ready for people. No tents but signs ok. Contact Jay for meeting place or come to GA.

Process: Facilitator training meeting 1 PM Sunday. More “fun” things needed, maybe change GA structure.

Inreach: Formative Action Provider Fair. (Similar to the Homeless Center event) Contact Jackie or come to GA.

Occupy UCSC: Meeting tomorrow @ Kresge College 7 PM

Sacred Activists: Abbey working on meditations etc. See her or come to GA.

Agenda Items:

“Blaming” President Obama for the National Defense Authorization act that he signed – Dem discussion put off till after GA as an informal discussion.

Occupier had an idea (for a later date) of perhaps having a Dream Wall/idea wall on a sheet or poster board – as seen in Occupy Monterey – to include the collective names/ thoughts/ memes/ ideas of our group. Similar to the Occupy Rose Bowl signatures as well.

Suggestion to sit in a circle in GA tomorrow, bring cushions.