General Assembly Jan 12

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Time Urgent Announcements:
New Mayor addresses homelessness as a major issue

Phil Gomez let us announce the Jan 18th meeting on T.V. News.

Working Group Reports:

  • Corporate Personhood WG: Occupy the Courts Day = Jan 20th 2pm
    Event starts at court house steps.
    March to O’Neils on Pacific Ave.
    Speakers will share their knowledge about Corporate Personhood and why getting rid of it is critical to the “NATURAL” Person. We humans!
    Lane/Terrazas (sp?)
    Next Meeting: Saturday after the GA
  • Street Theater WG: FreakRadio event (ask Mike for further details)
    Noise @ noon every Wed. Sub Rosa after Huff meeting
    Arraignments for 1/19 8:15am Tan O & Mike
    Sunday evening @ 6:30 @ Clock Tower Candle Vigil March to O’Neils for Dr. Kings B-day (Nation-wide Solidarity Event) Bring MLK Savvy Signs!
  • Outreach WG: Jan 18th 6-8 pm, “Occupy 2012” – Where do we go from here? At the Resource Center for Non-Violent-Communication: 612 Ocean Ave (across from courthouse buildings) – Tell EVERYONE! Community sharing, connecting, assessment of current WG’s and a welcoming in of new WG’s as desired by our greater santa cruz community.
  • Treasury WG: WePay & Donations = $613.00 We are seeking those w/ receipts who need reimbursement. Please bring your receipts to the GA. All disbursements must be approved by GA. Under $50, approval of one GA. Over $50 approval from two GA’s (one being a weekend GA)
  • Foreclosure WG: We have a home on Mission Street near the Brazil Café where we have been given kitchen access and possible camping (to be confirmed after we meet w/ Bob). Foreclosure March in March (Date TBA) with video documentation of people who’ve been victimized. Find people who are threatened w/ foreclosure and send them to us.
    Transformative Action (ucsc) class will help with organizing.


  • Transformative Action (UCSC) Class: 75 students will work with us for class credit. How should we use them? Street Theatre help, sign making, (contact Mike D or Mithrall), Direct Action wants help, bring them to event on 18th, media project, blogging, journaling
  • Make a DVD: to be distributed door-to-door, grassroots style. Informative/Inspirational DVD sharing the what, where, why and how of the Occupy Movement; most importantly, to inspire others to get involved.
  • Actions Next Week: 15th, 17th, 18th, and 20th

15th = MLK Candlelight Vigil: things are worse today then in the days of MLK – meet at Clock Tower 6:30pm, march to O’Neils on Pacific.
17th = Occupy Congress Day: BIG National Demonstration will “reintroduce” occupy for this year. People from all across America will converge on D.C. 2 hours before GA, assemble, get honking happening, stand with signs to draw more attendees. Pergolesi: 9 am sign making, discuss event.
18th = “Occupy 2012”: What do you think we should do? We’ll talk about it after this meeting. All WG’s should send reps. to present and invite others. Hand out fliers for this event.

20th = Corporate Personhood: Do free speech event, “Occupy the Space”, starting at 7am-7pm, rename it: “Free Speech Plaza”. (Suggested not yet GA approved). One person stated they wouldn’t show up if city council comes. Another responded, “Don Lane destroyed the encampment. I won’t show up either.” Don Lane doesn’t support self-determination for homeless people.

New Item: RCNVC offered us two nights per week to use their indoor space @ 612 Ocean Ave.

  • Let’s ask for Tuesday and Thursday GA’s.
  • Inside is for sissy’s
  • We could just go inside for the winter? Old people, kids, frail, sick, families w/ kids, etc. don’t come out here now, will they when it starts to rain? Will we come?
  • In NYC outdoor GA’s = about 15 people who continue to hold presence and determination. Inside GA’s = hundreds of people showing up.

A discussion about the ability to postpone a proposal ensued and was tabled to Process WG.


  • Put a tent in your front yard with signage!
  • More signs in cars and other places = “Occupy Love”, “Occupy Peace”, “Occupy Forgiveness”, “Occupy Freedom”, “We are the 99%!” etc.
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper on your feet before you put your socks on to keep your feet toasty for the winter!
  • SEIU are battling w/ Santa Cruz. A week from Tuesday, lets have our GA @ City Hall Plaza
  • Remember Transformative Action Class Assistance! Get in touch w/ Jackie for more details.