General Assembly Jan 10

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1. At Liberty Square- they took down police barricades tonight – GA is there.

2. UCSC 1st GA yesterday. They consensed to a strike on March 1st! They are also carpooling to CA’s state capitol on March 5th to strike. Their next GA is Monday @ 7pm at the Kresge Town Hall.

3. Gary Johnson is incarcerated for sleeping (647e). Noise demonstration tomorrow after HUFF meeting which starts at 10am-12pm at Joe’s pizza downtown. Bring songs and something to make noise.


1. Legal attended board of supervisors meeting. Moving torward amendment. New WG** Finn’s Coffee Wed. at 4pm with WILPF.

2. Legal – Gary Johnston in court for 647e tickets, he’s been sleeping on bench in front of courthouse. Judge denied appeal to release him on his own recognizance. $5k bail. Aiming with motion to dismiss. Today filed brief in federal court to keep case in fed. court.

3. DC – Change of plans. Leaving tomorrow to SF then leaving via train to DC. Networking team, trying to live stream on 17th. They have enough to get there, but they will have to find out some way to get back.

4. Arts – Everyone is an artist! Send your email to join Occupy Arts. Send photos of occupy movement, plan to make prints to sell and raise money, also drawings. Connection with community members who support us but can’t be here.

5. Media – Growing! Aiming to build rapport with local media source.

6. Intercomm – Been out doing outreach with community. Doing tabling downtown. Interoccupy conference calls at – every day there is something. Connect across country.

7. Mission St. Occupation – Awaiting permission to erect signs, going well.

8. Outreach – Inviting different organizations to “How would YOU Occupy 2012?” at RCNV Wed. Jan. 18th at 6pm. Meeting with Brown Berets on Thurs. 7pm. Meeting with HUFF and WILPF tomorrow. People Power Climate Action Plan meeting tomorrow. International Socialist Org. meeting tomorrow both at 7pm. And more!

9. Music – Fundraisers for more music. Dollar City has offered up space for performances.

10. Direct Action – trying to decide upon scheduled meeting. Jan. 15th at 7pm call for candle light vigils for MLK jr.’s actual b-day. Day of action – OWS West in SF. Targeting financial institutions w/ HQ in SF.


1. Jan 17th & 20th – Meeting tomorrow at 4pm at Finns Coffee to plan action with WILPF. Proposal: make signs; 1 large for here (courthouse) some smaller for bike cart. Fliers too. Need volunteers to paint signs. Discussion: Other ideas for the day-sound, music, projected movies, call is for all day action so, late afternoon march with rally later. Guerrilla theater to revive Friday movie night, specifically the 20th? It’s Occupy the Courts, so maybe people are going to Occupy courts in San Jose. WILPF/SJ is occupying Fed. courts at 9am. UCSC – get them involved.

2. Office Space Available – Maybe desk space at RCNV on Broadway. Discussion – how can we use this space/volunteers to staff this space. Cruzio desk rental? It may be in our best interest to find space downtown and not use RCNV space to save money. We need 14 ppl to staff one 4 hour shift per week to have space open 8hrs a day every day. Possible storage space?

3. Jan 15th candle light vigil – Call from an international conf. call. Its MLK’s actual B-day and call for candle light vigils at 7pm planetwide. Idea: light candles on corner by O’neill’s. Hopefully 20-40 people or more. Gather 6:30 at clock tower then march downtown. Plan to sing freedom songs. Discussion – Suggest cheap tea lights/ votive candles fill bags with sand and put light in. Creates a glowing bag light, create a pathway or circle. Money from treasury? Donated! FB event page. Call for Global justice/revolution/a better system.

4. Gary Johnson – Noise Demonstration tomorrow after HUFF meeting (10am-12pm). Picketing. We have to respond, they’ve incarcerated one of our own. You can contact Gary through Ed. Support Gary when he gets out and goes back to his bench by joining. Cost to taxpayers, 40,000 dollar per year. Public demo on Pacific?

5. Propose to dye clothes orange, wear chains and march as detainees to protest NDAA.


A. Upcoming Events: A. 10am HUFF meeting @ Joe’s Pizza & Sub
B. Noise Demonstration @ jail after HUFF, meet at Joe’s
C. Jan. 15th – Nationwide Candlelight vigil meets at 6:30pm at clock tower. March to O’neill’s
D. Jan 16th MLK national holiday – UCSC GA at 7pm in Kresge Town Hall.
E. Jan 17th – Occupy Congress in DC and WILPF’s Battle of the Ballot at Quaker House (225 Rooney St.) at 7-9pm.
F. Jan 18th – 6pm @ RCNV “How would YOU Occupy 2012?”
G. Jan 20th – Occupy the Courts (Regarding Corporate Personhood/Citizens United) Planning meeting with WILPF tomorrow 4pm at Finn’s Coffee.
H. Putting together a CD with music of the occupiers – get your songs together!
I. Forming an entrepreneur working group to empower people to start/grow small businesses.