General Assembly, December 6

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There was an announcement about the meeting, earlier today, with the county sheriff. If Occupy Santa Cruz wants to have a table or any other equipment on the courthouse steps, a permit will be required. Any signs on the property will be confiscated and no one is allowed on the property from 7 p.m. To 7 a.m. Also, people can pick up confiscated property tomorrow, from 10:00 a.m. To 11:00 a.m. , at the jail on Water Street. An ID must be provided and property must be signed for. The county supervisors have agreed to review the new “curfew” policies tomorrow.

Working Group Reports

The Garden Group met at 3:30, today. They’ve started some seeds for container gardens. They announced that anyone can get 6 packs of free seeds at the McPherson Art Center, on Front Street. They are planning a variety of actions and invite everyone to attend their next meeting, at 3:30, next Tuesday. Legal reported that OSC has filed suit against the city, seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent tomorrow’s eviction. A judicial decision will be made tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. to decide on the TRO. The Tactics Group will be releasing a “Radical Carol Songbook” soon for some radical caroling. More shenanigans can be expected from Tactics. Stay tuned. Outreach delivered a letter about foreclosures to each of the county supervisors’ offices and will meet again, behind Lulu Carpenters, after Sunday’s GA.

Agenda: The only item was “What to do about tomorrow’s threatened raid on the camp”. Among the proposals that were rejected was one to bring tents up to the lawn in front of the courthouse, one to move out to the empty field near the Homeless Garden Project, one to move the orange fencing from around the courthouse lawn to around the camp and a proposal to string Christmas lights around the tents and have clumps of garbage wrapped at the participating Borders Donation Gift Wrapping Station. During the discussion people pointed out that we needed to have a lot of people down at the camp when the police showed up and having people arrested tonight would reduce our numbers. A woman from Berkeley brought some strings of Buddhist Prayer Flags to use as a border around the camp. We agreed to use those instead of the orange fencing. Someone recommended that the camp should decide what to do and we should support them in what they decide. We agreed to arrange a Camp Group (including supporters who were on the courthouse steps tonight) meeting tomorrow, at 2:00, after the TRO decision. We also agreed to supply $100.00 for sign-making materials for tomorrow. The police have threatened to evict all the campers at 5:00 p.m. Please join us at 4:00 to support OSC’s camp in San Lorenzo Park.

One final announcement was for a constitutional amendment to prevent private money from being used in elections. You can go to